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The “bad guys of Boston sports”: Kobe & LeBron

CSNNE is running down the biggest villains in Boston sports and a GREAT place to start is with Kobe Bryant.  That video nicely runs down a bunch of the reasons why we hate him.  

And then there is LeBron James.

Part of that stems more from the fact that James, more than any other player, stands in the way of Celtics Nation hanging up Banner 18.

He is the one individual, freakish force of nature that can be unstoppable even on an off day.

James is that good.

And when he decided to basically try and win a title with a formula similar to Boston's Big Three of 2008 that only fanned the flames of disdain for him in these parts.

Right now, I think these are the two biggest villains playing in the NBA as far as Boston is concerned. Sure, we hate Anderson Varejao or Joakim Noah… but that's a little different.  LeBron and Kobe… they're at another level.  

Check out that link to read more of A. Sherrod Blakely on LeBron.  And if you've got suggestions for other NBA villains, leave them in the comments.

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  • Cocaine 3 days after the draft, Vin Baker, Coach Ricky P, Bill Laimbeer, and PHIL JACKSON

  • Public enemy #1 is Matt Bonner… he must be destroyed… kidding, none of these guys scare me… Kobe is on his last leg and until Lebron shows up (Wade won that series vs Boston) then I am not worried there either. Want to talk real Boston vilians? Try football or baseball..