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What if players organized a league-wide training camp?

SLAM: Are you planning on working out with any of the Grizzlies over the summer?

Tony Allen: It’s cool you asked that because Zach just texted me and said he was trying to round the guys up and get them into one city for a good week-and-a-half or something. So I’m waiting on a call. I’m pretty sure in the next week or so we’ll try to get together as a team to find out if we’re going over the water or we’re staying here


"As soon as I get cleared [medically], as soon as my back gets strong, I'm going to call all the guys and structure a training camp," he said. "I'll have them all meet at IMG, put them all in apartments, feed them breakfast and lunch — they're on their own for dinner.

"My guys are waiting on me. They're texting me all the time, saying, 'When are we going to work out?' But I'm still kind of in neutral right now with the back injury."

SI via P&T

"I think we'll probably work out in L.A. or Vegas because I can get a gym [in Las Vegas] and I think [Derrick] Rose can get a gym in L.A.," Bulls point guard C.J. Watson said during a promotional appearance Thursday night. "I think most of the players are always on the West Coast working out or training, so if we're all there we might as well work out and get it together."

ESPN Chicago

If Zach Randolph is organizing a team workout, then SOMEONE on the C's better step up and organize something for the team.  My money is on Ray Allen, just because he's a workout freak and a creature of habit.  But Paul Pierce is an obvious choice as well.  They're just going to need to find a spot to do it. 

It would be an amazing show of force if every team can organize workouts at the same time, wouldn't it?  With the owners and Stern digging in, wouldn't a league-wide, very public, players-only training camp be a show of solidarity that sends a message of unity to the owners?  

"Yeah, you guys can lock us out if you want, but we're going to be doing what we, and the fans, want to do and that's play basketball." 

Even better:  What if they organized an exhibition game?  What if Paul Pierce called Kobe Bryant up in say, September, and said "Hey, you get your guys, I'll get mine and we'll find some gym somewhere and get a little run going?"  I'm sure that's MUCH less likely to happen due to insurance issues and what not… but just imagine it:  a Celtics-Lakers exhibition at the Providence Civic Center (sorry, Dunkin Donuts Center) organized by the players with the money going to charity. 

THAT, my friends, would be a huge win in the PR war.

(side note:  Amare Stoudemire's back is STILL an issue?  Wow.)

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  • i’ve been reading redsarmy daily for two years even when there’s a lockout. i dont comment often but “With the owners and Stern digging in, wouldn’t a league-wide, very PUBIC, players-only training camp be a show of solidarity that sends a message of unity to the owners?”
    surely you meant public?
    haha anyway thank you for keeping us informed!

  • ha ha ha… sorry. Yes, public.
    It’s fixed. I guess I can’t blame that on spell-check. To be fair, though, a very pubic camp would certainly get a lot of attention. So I wasn’t wrong 🙂
    Thanks! And thanks for continuing to read.

  • I love it! The owners can bring in replacement players and the players can play replacement games! I wonder which will sell more tickets? 🙂