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Brandon Jennings clowns a dude and gets away with it

Two things about this video:

1:  If you clown someone by bouncing the ball off his face, he should be able to clothesline you on your way by him.  Yeah, yeah, I got it… streetball blah, blah, blah.  You know what I'm doing out there?  Playing basketball.  I can handle getting burned by someone better than me.  But if you want to take it to a place where we're bouncing something off my head to embarrass me… then get ready for the consequences.  

2:  Get these fans off the damn court.  Yeah, that's Jennings and he's making people look stupid.  But that's no reason to shuffle out to half court.  You think maybe a cop or two would be around to help out here considering an NBA star is around. 

Ok, the second part of that makes me sound old.  I stand by #1, though.  


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  • This isn’t Brandon Jennings… he didn’t jack up a fadeaway three after dribbling for 23.5 seconds, clearly someone else…

  • I AM old (comparatively) and these twitter-powered flash mobs can easily get out of hand. I keep thinking of the Kuwait vs Bahrain game covered here.