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Michael Beasley, Matt Barnes both committed assault while playing ball last night

The big "thing" this summer is NBA stars going to summer leagues to play some ball.  They do it all the time in other offseasons, but we never give a crap because there are always more important things going on. 

But not this summer.  So we're hyper-focused on these guys and their summer league exploits.  Unfortunatley, last night's exploits included shoving a guy in the face, and punching an opposing player.  The video above is Beasley, who was at New York's Dyckman Park in a game against Kevin Durant.  

Now, Durant has had to deal with hecklers too, but he kept it on the court, and shut the guy up with a clutch 3.  Beas… well… he handled it the SuperCoolBeas way.  

Barnes, in a game out in San Fran, apparently punched a guy.  There's no video of the actual punch being thrown, but there's a bunch of aftermath stuff in that link.  

This is how it always goes, isn't it?  Guys go all summer playing ball without incident, then two guys lose their cool within hours of each other.  It's like the Red's Army offices where we can go all year without a problem… but then Chuck flashes a couple of interns within a couple of hours and then we've got all sorts of problems on our hands. 

Chill out, fellas. 

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  • to quote Kenny Rogers “sometimes you got fight when your a man!” but not be girly-man and push someone in face. By the way on NBA2K11 my 2012 Boston Celtics are 24-5 leading the NBA. I had blow up the roster is it just me or is Ray Allen lights out on that game?

  • I love the guy with the “Stay Reckless” shirt playing peacemaker.

  • This looks like a recipe for disaster to me. These guys are attracting overflowing overenthusiastic crowds with inadequate security and these bozo’s are practically doing everything possible to provoke an incident. Their agents must be crapping their pants today.