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Spencer Hawes is my new favorite player

Hawes on wafer The NBA lockout is more than a month old.  Both sides have met once since the lockout began.  And through it all, the NBPA's rank and file have largely been quiet.

But one man has the guts to call out David Stern.  One player has stepped up to speak his mind, regardless of potential consequence. 

Spencer Hawes. 

Yeah, I know. 

While LeBron, Kobe, Carmelo and other big names traipse about the globe without seeming to care a bit about what's going on, Spencer Hawes is using Twitter to speak up. 

A few days ago, the story emerged that David Stern's salary might be upwards of $20 million.  That's a hefty salary for a guy who's trying to eliminate those kinds of salaries from the game. 

That did not go unnoticed: 



Twitter / @spencerhawes00: 23 million a year for ster … via kwout

Amazingly, there are reports today that David Stern will forgo his salary until the lockout is over.  Maybe I'm wrong here, but that seems to me that 1 + 1 added up to 2.  

David Stern is amazingly conscious of his own PR.  And when an athlete pipes up like Hawes did on Twitter, the following grows quickly.  It doesn't take much for someone to get "cool" quickly on Twitter.  And let me tell you, Hawes is starting to gain some momentum. 

He's not letting up either.  You can go check out his Twitter page if you'd like and catch what he's saying.  Of course, this might end up with some retribution.  I wouldn't be shocked if Hawes gets into A LOT of foul trouble next year.  

But Hawes is undeterred.  Maybe he'll inspire other players to finally start talking.  Maybe he'll realize that player already own social media… and if they banded together on Twitter, it would create a huge wave of momentum.  Not only would the people on Twitter fall in line, the mainstream media, and its obsession with famous people and athletes using Twitter, would grab hold.  At least then it would be a fair labor fight. 

Spencer Hawes is my new favorite player.  Maybe I'll find a Seattle Sonics jersey (he's from Seattle) that I can get with his name on it.  I'd get his current jersey, but there's no f-ing way I'd wear a Sixers jersey.

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  • I disgaree with the employees questioning how much the boss makes, if/when i ever own a company, the first employee to mouth off regarding how much i make will end up in the unemployment line with the rest of the 10% of America. Because of Stern, Spencer will be able to tell his kids that he became a millionaire.. dont you dare forget about that Hawes..don’t you dare.

  • One thing tha I know. you certainly don’t like him for his play. that guy’s terrible.

  • Because of Stern, Hawes will be a millionaire? Nothing to do with the countless hours in the gym, putting his body through incredible training, his ability to do things people pay to see?
    Stern grew the NBA very well, but he didn’t do it by himself. With no players, he’s got no product. The players ARE the product. Both ethically and practically, he needs to share the credit (we built this league together) and the low points (we’re losing money, so we need to take a pay cut).
    BTW, you *might* get away with firing an employee for mentioning your salary, especially if the employee is snotty about it, but it’s a violation of the NLRA to forbid employees to discuss their co-workers’ wages whether the employees are unionized or not…

  • Sure.. you don’t question how much Stern makes… until Stern says “you’re all making too much money, we’re going to shut down the league until you agree to make much, much less.” At that point, Stern’s salary becomes an issue.
    You can’t rail against player salaries and then say “well my $20 million is justified”.

  • Players came and went… Stern has been in the realm for 30+ years… hes taken the league from a lackadaisical Commissioner and fixed the problems.
    Drug issues in the 70’s + 80’s – fixed by Stern
    No money in the league in the 70’s and into the 80’s – fixed by Stern who got the TV contracts, got America to watch the sport.
    Player’s earning more than 50% of BRI – Stern, who also helped get players (both retired and current) with retirment funds and health coverage.
    But yes, Stern didn’t do anything… right.

  • Also, private company, I can fire anyone for whatever reason I want. and I am not forbidding them from discussing, just if they do it, they will be removed because thats an unhappy employee and id rather fill that position with someone who wants to be in my company, Hawes is replacable and I am sure anyone who reads this blog would gladly take his “new” salary and play in the NBA… Don’t act like the players are not replacable.

  • The owners pay for Stern because he is a valuable asset to them. He has done more for the game of basketball than any individual ever has and ever will. That is my take on Stern, if the owners feel he is worth $20 million ,than he is.. because what the owners pay him has nothing to do with the league’s financial structure that is in need of fixing.
    We can debate the whole “the owners agreed” to pay the likes of Adonel Foyle and Eddy Curry 10 figures, but the blame goes to both parties.. the owners/league and players/agents.
    And I am glad you see that EVERYONE needs a pay cut, whos salary effect the league, again , i dont know the structure of the NBA front office, but I am sure Stern’s salary doesn’t effect the operations. I also believe that his salary comes in many parts, which a small portion is through operating while the rest comes through as a management fee or some sort from the owners.
    If you think Stern would take more money and hurt the league for his own benefit, i think you are mistaken on Stern’s goals and opinions on the league he spent his entire life building.

  • “But yes, Stern didn’t do anything… right.”
    Straw man argument. I acknowledged Stern grew the NBA very well. I simply said he did not do it ALONE. His contributions are massive for an individual, but they are NOT more massive than the sum total of the contributions of the players.

  • I disagree whole heartedly… to start the NBA on TV, he needed to convince TV Execs to air these games, only then could the product be exposed to the world. If you read up on the history of the TV deals in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, you will see that David Stern fought harder than anyone to get NBA to be aired, which again if you look back at the league at tha time, it was VERY hard to have the American public by into the product (drugs, racism, new sport). Thanks to Sterns resilience and hard efforts, networks agreed to air the NBA even though there were better programs, drawing larger crowds.
    that was how the beginning to these lavish salaries began, all because of TV revenue, which today plays a HUGE part to the leagues revenues.
    So yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day by one more, but one name will always stand above the rest and for me, that man is David Stern.

  • “Also, private company, I can fire anyone for whatever reason I want.”
    Flat-out incorrect. Most employees are at-will employees and can be fired for any reason or no reason as long as it’s not an illegal reason. “Removing” an employee because he voiced his unhappiness by discussing salaries is one of those illegal reasons. It violates Section 7 of the NLRA, which, at least for now, is still the law of the land.
    The fact that Hawes makes a lot of money, and will make a lot of money under the new system, is irrelevant. Rich or poor, you get the protection of the law that allows you to act collectively with your colleagues and, by extension, to discuss or bitch about wages.
    He makes more money than I do because he has a skill set almost no one has… that’s supply and demand, not a justification for removing the protection of the law from him.

  • Again, I’m willing to concede that Stern has done many, many things to benefit the NBA.
    But until people hand over millions of dollars each year to watch HIM do something, he’s not more valuable than the combination of all the players who have passed through under his watch.
    Each individual player is “replaceable.” The next player may not be as special as Magic or Bird or Barkley or Jordan or whomever. But he may be special in his own way and get the job done…
    And that goes for commissioners, too.

  • and we wonder why this country is going down the drain, too many laws, outpriced outselves compared to overseas and foreign countries who are willing to work for less. this is why capitalism is great and socialism fails. socialism will always fail.
    Also, Slandering the owner is justifiable for firing… ask Mark Cuban how he liked slandering David Stern, or Stan Van Gundy, how did it work out for those two?
    Until Cuban realized to shut up and be a good citizen did he get rewarded.
    Companies should be free to operate as they please. No third party should tell them otherwise. This country is too caught up in preventing failure, but it is failure that helps growth and learning from those mistakes.
    Biggest example? banking in america…let the crappy banks fail and rebuild on those mistakes and learn.

  • LOL this is funny… you can’t see that without Stern/Owners.. there is no league. i guess we would flock to public basketball courts to see these GREAT PLAYERS play pick up basketball… the employees are never more important than the owner.
    Steve Jobs is Apple.. not the Apple Care support team. Even though I don’t go see Steve Jobs when my macbook is broken, i go see the support team who wow me with their expertise and knowledge…
    and get the bugs out from all the porn.. kidding.

  • You are David Stern. No one else would defend that piece of sh#t. His contributions ceased in the 90’s, has been riding on his laurels ever since. I hope he keeps it up and becomes to untennable for the owners to keep.
    BTW – You no less about employment law than you do about basketball. At will does not suggest at whim……your a walking wrongful termination suit.

  • Any amount of regulation does not equal socialism.
    Last I checked, you can’t slander someone by telling the truth.
    I have a serious problem with the possibility (you seem to suggest) that Stern may have decided that the Mavericks could not win a title, no matter how well they played on the court, until Mark Cuban shut up off the court. If Stern is doing THAT, than he undid all the good he did throughout his tenure.

  • Typical “Stern hates the Celtics” guy right here…
    And don’t worry about my wrongful termination, I know how to do checks and balances on employment’s abilities to justify the removal of useless employees… employment is a priviledge in my eyes, not a right.
    And I love when people attack my basketball knowledge, considering this post is all finance and business…
    And you should learn not to bite the hand that feeds you. Stern is my favorite commissioner in all of sports, and those who don’t understand how important to the game he is are just being ignorant or biased, maybe a combo of both.

  • It was a comment to fuel the conspiracy theorist (like lakerhater below), i doubt Stern controls it but it was a fishy series and it was more so for all the fines he incurred while running his mouth about the league. Funny he is the only owner in recent mind that publically aired his beef of Stern, the other owners are smarter and wiser than Cuban (at that time)

  • and yes, any regulation equals socialism, the minute you regulate anything it is no longer capitalism (which i am an advocate of) but thats not a debate for the best Celtics blog in the world. Lets stick to basketball here.

  • I can see that there is no NBA without owners (who specifically is commissioner is less vital).
    Can you see that there’s no NBA without players?
    For what it’s worth, I did watch a few minutes of pickup basketball today. It was fun; I like watching basketball. And people did seem to flock to see Kevin Durant play pickup the other day…

  • LMAO. I love that you completely redefine capitalism and socialism and THEN tell me the discussion is over and it’s time to talk basketball. If one were into conspiracy theories…
    Oh well, you’re on staff here so your prerogative.
    Thanks for all the great work you do on this the blog– I can wholeheartedly agree that it is the best Celtics blog in the world, at least.

  • That’s what im trying to say, players come and go, way more often than owners and commissioners… players have typically a 6 year window in the league, the players are always evolving, there will be new players every year coming into the league (hence the draft)… players are always replaced, when those “magical skills” are gone, so are they.. yet the league is still there with their owners, buildings and front offices ready for the new wave of talent. the game is bigger than the owners, players and league.

  • because i can talk socialism vs captialism for years… most people dont understand capitalism, including ones who make movies about it (see michael fat ass moore)
    But lastly i will leave you with this tidbit i saw on another blog (shh dont tell anyone im cheating on redsarmy)
    ” If the NBA, or pro basketball, ceased to exist, nobody would pay the players anywhere close to what they make in the league. Stern would walk into any law firm in the country (or the world, for that matter) and make seven figures in a heartbeat.”
    I think that point is PERFECT

  • “I think that point is PERFECT”
    And I think it’s irrelevant. Pro basketball does exist. There’s a market for the best of the best, and the players are paid accordingly.
    There’s also a market for the best attorneys. Stern is an elite, well-known attorney. So he is paid accordingly.
    There are a million hypothetical universes where one person might succeed financially and another might not. We don’t live in those universes. We live in this one.

  • Stern’s goal is to break the union. He wants the players to bend to his will.
    And I’m all for getting paid. I have no issues with someone getting a truckload of money. If someone wants to pay me $1 million to post on Red’s Army, I’m going to take it. But if I’m making $1 million on RA, and complaining that people around here make too much money, then I’m a bit of a hypocrite.
    And furthermore on player salaries… they get 57% of the gross. That’s the agreed on number. So the Curry and Foyle deals don’t break the owners. That’s still part of the 57%. It just means less for some other guys.
    AND… the players, after all the owners’ bitching and moaning… STILL didn’t get the full 57% of the gross this past season. The owners had to kick in more cash to get to that number. So it wasn’t player salaries that got the owners into this mess. It was the spending on other stuff.
    AND STILL…. the players have countered with about 54%… which means Stern can get them down to probably 52-53% of the gross… a VERY good number considering in means owners will get more than $100 million a year (or more) out of the new deal just with that.
    But that’s not good enough for Stern. He wants to bring the players to their knees. And you know what, I hate him for that.
    This thing is going well. Owners are using creative accounting to lower their numbers and, even if they’re losing money, player salaries aren’t the only culprit.
    I hate this work stoppage because the system isn’t broken. It just needs tweaking. Stern is trying to re-write everything.
    Sorry if that’s a tangent… but I couldn’t help myself.

  • I got his back Stern is the man.

  • You are free to express your opinions but i dont think this current model will last into the future, especially the big economic picture here (outside of basketball). I think it needs a harder cap than what is in place and i really would love to see what all these other expenses that are breaking the owners backs because I don’t buy it, considering the financial statements (which are not 100% accurate) show that the salaries consume 60-80% of the total expenses.
    I want to believe that the owners exercised all other options, such as extending notes on their mortgages (stadium, facilities), cut wastes (some of those employees we gripe about losing their jobs, maybe they were wasteful), etc.. but until I sit down with a good 3-5 year history of financials, i won’t know what they spend them on.
    fyi – i have my degree in accounting, which is why i talk like I know what I am doing. I have not been able to see a good stretch of financials, just the one year snap shots that TMZ and Deadspin find.

  • could not agree more about stern and the owners, I hope they don’t back down.