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Shaq on Conan

RedsArmyAdmin August 3, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Shaq on Conan

I saw the promo for Shaq on Conan yesterday and I tried to stay up for it.  But the one problem with that is that I'm a little too old to be up that late.  

Well, it was either that, or the five maragritas I had on my back patio earlier in the night. 

Anyhoo… I fell asleep during Shaq's interview.  So why don't we all watch Shaq be funny on Conan.  I do know that at the end, they ride off on tiny toy cars… which is funny.  

You see, it's funny because Shaq's 7 feet tall and Conan is 6'4"… and man, are those some TINY cars. HIIIIGGGGGHHHH-LARIOUS.

Just watch the damn video.  Shaq's part starts at 14:49


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