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Your Morning Dump… Where I curse medical science’s advances


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Derek Fisher said Friday about teammate and pal Kobe Bryant: “He’s telling me — and I saw for myself — that his knee is the best it’s been in a long time.”

Fisher and Bryant, whose right knee has troubled him in recent years, played together in an exhibition in the Philippines.

Fisher said he didn’t really believe Bryant’s boasting initially, but seeing Bryant in action was convincing.

“I saw it a little bit in Manila,” Fisher said, smiling, “so I believe it now.”

Orange County Register (via PBT)

Kobe recently went to Germany to undergo an experimental procedure to help his knee.  Something about pulling blood from his arm, spinning it in a centrifuge, and injecting platelets into the knee to encourage healing.  When you're rich like Kobe, you can go do something like this.  Proven or not, it's worth a shot. 

And Goddammit… it looks like its working.  This is one of those times where medical science pisses me off.  You couldn't just let him fade away into the sunset.  Nooooo… you had to go and heal his knee and maybe extend his career. 

Memo to Kevin Garnet:  get your ass to Germany and have them put this stuff into your knees too.  Both of them.  Hell, don't stop there.  Go for elbows, shoulders, hips and ankles too.  Nothing is too good for you, KG. 

Seriously.  If this is the future of sports medicine…. then platelet therapy for all!! 

Side note:  Congrats to Lawrence Frank.  He got a 4 year deal (3 guaranteed plus a team option) with the Pistons.  Good luck.

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  • I don’t know about you and Fisher but I am not seeing anything different from Kobe in this clip. He still looks slower and barely gets the ball over the rim on the break away dunk. His first dunk was not impressive either. He didn’t get up any higher or move any faster than he has been doing during the NBA season.
    Even if it helped (which I can’t see it) it will wear down back to original old kobe after the first half of the season.
    It ‘s just the OC register and Fish trying to hype Kobe and the upcoming season ( if there is one) for the ignorant Lakers fans who want to hope Kobe isn’t done.
    He’s done.

  • I’m calling BS on the treatment. Outside just had a piece on this new recovery process and it’s basically a placebo effect.

  • Kobe is wishing the fans in LA got that into the games…..

  • yeah I’ve watched the 2 games and it seems Kobe’s knees are back!
    but he still throwing bricks as usual! c’mon KG and Paul Pierce why not go to Germany and try this platelets thingy! Big Baby needs one too in his butt. and probably Jeff Green needs 3 in his pair.