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Is this kid the next Bill Russell?

Man, do I hate calling anyone the next anyone… so I try not to do it.  It's not fair to either person.  

So while I say there'll never be another Bill Russell… some people might not be so sure.

Celtics senior director of basketball operations Leo Papile — also the Boston Amateur Basketball Club’s director — told Louisville’s Courier-Journal that the current star of his AAU program, Nerlens Noel (great name, by the way), could indeed be the next William Felton Russell:

“No one has ever been compared to Bill Russell, but I said that about this kid when he was in the eighth grade. He has a basketball brain like no other player that I have ever coached. He’s a special kid. …

“He has great timing. Everything he does is just perfect. He passes, his team defense … it’s all just perfect. And now he has an offensive game.”

ESPNU’s No. 3 ranked recruit and top-ranked center in the Class of 2013, Noel led Papile’s BABC team to the Peach Jam title earlier this month and the AAU Super Showcase championship game this past week. This winter, the 6-foot-10, 215-pound Everett native enters his junior season at New Hampshire’s Tilton School.

To put Papile’s statement in perspective, he has worked for the Celtics since 1997 and currently serves as one of the team’s chief talent evaluators at the NBA, D-League, international and collegiate levels. Founding the BABC in 1977, he has helped develop NBA talents like Patrick Ewing and Dana Barros.

So he's going into his JUNIOR year?  That means he won't be available (assuming the rules stay the same) until the 2014 NBA draft. 

Who knows what will happen between now and then… but it's certainly something to keep an eye on.  When a guy within the C's organization starts dropping one of the most sacred basketball names ever around… you have to pay attention, don't you?

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  • yeah let’s give him a statue at city. do u think he’s allowed at the same restaurants as white ppl?