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GreenLight Madness: Winning Play Announced

The Madness has ended… sort of.  You, the reader have spoken loudly and voted Ray Allen's clutch three against New York in Game 1, as the top play from the second half of the season.  Taking nearly 63% of the vote, Ray moves on to the ultimate matchup for the "GreenLight of the Year" by going up against Rajon Rondo's sky high jam in Miami.  Rondo took his talents to South Beach and made a mockery out of Chris Bosh who didn't even attempt to challenge Rondo and chose to do what we all did: watch in spectacular awe.  Below is the fully completed bracket for the second half plays of the year, as well as Ray's Three vs Rondo's dunk.  The poll will be open all weekend and the winning play will be announced on Monday.



So Ray's three won this tournament but how will it do against Rondo's dunk?  Check the plays below (including the live clip of Ray's three) and vote throughout the weekend.

Seed #1: Ray Allen Drills the Three (Game 1 2011 Playoffs vs NYK) – Fourth quarter. Game 1 at home vs the Knicks. C's are down by 1. Who gets the final shot? Why, Ray Allen of course. Ray inbounds to Pierce who gets nudged a bit by Melo, but no foul is called. Ray eventually makes his way to the "wing of death" for opponents, and promptly drills a three right in front of the Knicks' bench to seal the game. Clutch.



Winning Play from first half of the season: Rondo Takes His Talents to South Beach – The Celtics met the Miami Heat for the second time in just over two weeks early in the season.  Miami was one of the most hyped off-season teams in the history of the NBA, and the C's throttled them at home on opening night.  Then, they met in South Beach, and Rondo took his talents to the rim, taking ownership of the arena, the city and Chris Bosh.



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  • Thank you Jay. This has been a very cool series and I know you put alot of work into it..