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Like the way he plays or not, Jeff Green is a good guy


Celtics swingman Jeff Green and fellow Georgetown product Greg Monroe gave pointers to 10 Marines from the Wounded Warrior basketball program before their game on the south lawn of the White House on Wednesday. President Barack Obama also made an appearance, according to the White House blog.

I haven't heard a single person say a bad thing about Jeff Green off the court.  He's a solid guy.  He's also going to play in a charity soccer game that includes Kobe Bryant.  

Target acquired, Jeff.  Earn that red card.

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  • JG will be 100% better next season. Mark it down.

  • If Jeff Green is resigned it better be at modest money or Ainge has completely lost his mind. They can match any offer he would eventually get if a bargaining agreement were to get reached. I would expect they would do him as they did Big Baby a couple years back….just wait the market out and get him for low dough. Personally I wouldnt mind if they let him go or did a sign and trade with him, in my opinion he’s done nothing in his career that makes me think he could be an integral part of a championship team, even as a bench player.

  • Wth?! Who ever said that Jeff Green was or wasn’t a good guy, and what does it matter? Are we judging players based on whether or not they are nice now?