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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Final Matchup: (#1 Seed vs #2 Seed)

At long last we've reached the GreenLight Madness tournament finals.  What began in May, will end now in late July with the top 2 seeds reaching the final matchup.  Keep in mind that these were the top plays from after the All-Star break, including the playoffs.  Rajon Rondo's dunk over Chris Bosh in Miami won the first tournament that took place here during the All-Star break weekend.  The final matchups are listed below and I will post the winner tomorrow with the completed bracket.  Thanks to everyone who voted each day and allowed us to pretty much fill a locked-out dead time in the NBA.  The winning play will go up against Rondo's dunk for "Play of the Year" and the voting will run through the weekend.

Seed #1: Ray Allen Drills the Three (Game 1 2011 Playoffs vs NYK) – Fourth quarter. Game 1 at home vs the Knicks. C's are down by 1. Who gets the final shot? Why, Ray Allen of course. Ray inbounds to Pierce who gets nudged a bit by Melo, but no foul is called. Ray eventually makes his way to the "wing of death" for opponents, and promptly drills a three right in front of the Knicks' bench to seal the game. Clutch.


Seed #2: Rondo to KG Alley-Oop against NYK Game 1 – One of the most talked about plays during the early part of the playoffs, Doc Rivers works his magic yet again. Raise your hand if you were expecting that, at that point of the game. Yeah, I didn't think so either.



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  • I was at that game and remember how the building just EXPLODED when Ray hit that 3. The Knicks surprised us that night with their defense, determination and grit. Then of course they went right back to being the Knicks for the next 3