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E’Twaun Moore wont be going to Italy after all

RedsArmyAdmin July 27, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

He wanted too much in his out clause.

E'Twuan Moore won't play for Cimberio Varese next season. The product of Purdue University asked to change some details in the contract when Varese already sent the contract to him after the agreement reached with his European agent.

The two parts initially agreed to a short NBA out when the lockout will end, but Moore asked to put an NBA out to exercise even if he won't have a written proposal by Celtics, who hold his rights in NBA. Cimberio Varese did not accept the new offer made by Moore and his American agent and decided to give up on the negotiation. 

This doesn't meen E'Twaun won't go to Europe.  He clearly is open to something overseas.  But it won't be with this team.  It's obvious he wants to come back here, though, when the opportunity arises.  So we shouldn't worry about him doing anything long term.

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