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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Final 4: (#1 Seed vs #5 Seed)

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We’ve reached the Final Four of the Madness tournament after starting with a field of 64 plays from the second half of the season.  Four of the top five seeds have advanced, with Rajon Rondo’s steal and dunk beating out Kevin Garnett’s steal against the New York Knicks to be the lowest seed advancing to the finals.  KG’s jump hook barely beat out the Shamrock Symphony in Philly (by one vote) to also advance.  The first matchup is Rondo’s steal and dunk going up against the top-seeded clutch three by Ray Allen against the Knicks.  Ray’s three has basically obliterated the competition thus far, so this should be an interesting vote.  Check below for the updated bracket.


Seed #1: Ray Allen Drills the Three (Game 1 2011 Playoffs vs NYK) – Fourth quarter. Game 1 at home vs the Knicks. C’s are down by 1. Who gets the final shot? Why, Ray Allen of course. Ray inbounds to Pierce who gets nudged a bit by Melo, but no foul is called. Ray eventually makes his way to the “wing of death” for opponents, and promptly drills a three right in front of the Knicks’ bench to seal the game. Clutch.


Seed #5: Rondo Steals and Dunks After Elbow Injury – After getting taken down by Dwyane Wade and having his arm removed from normal musculoskeletal structure, Rajon Rondo returned and led the Celtics to their only victory against the Heat. This play he steals the ball with his injured arm, then sort of slams it home. Again, given the circumstances it was an inspiring and amazing play. Unfortunately it was also a huge factor in the C’s downfall.



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