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Javale McGee ups the planking ante

Oh, sure, Gilbert Arenas and Dwight Howard THOUGHT they were taking planking to a new level.  They even inspired our own Jacob Noble to go on a Celtics planking binge.  But Javale McGee has taken things up a notch.  Ladies and gentlemen… here we have our first ever in-game planking.

Mcgee game plank

There's no way Gilbert Arenas takes this lying down (oh… see what I did there?).  This will be one-upped.  The only question is how.  And, furthermore, will someone end up getting seriously hurt doing this stupid thing?

The photo comes via SBNation, which also has the video.

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  • This picture was taken on their exhibition game (together with D-Rose, Kobe, CP3, Durant, Harden, Evans Fisher and D-Williams) in Manila versus Philippine Basketball Association All-Stars. If ever there’s an MVP award for that game, it would be given to Pierre.

  • McGee was guarding 6’6 and 6’7 centers, No wonder he was having that monster numbers. According to his interview, it was a spur of the moment thing. He was already lying on the floor before he planked.
    In the 2nd game against the Philippine National team, he wasn’t as effective.

  • Pierre is the second leading scorer (together with Durant) on the second game. He was guarding 6’10 and 6’11 centers (Japeth Aguilar and Douthit respectively), not 6’6/ 6’7s.. Well, I am looking at his athleticism done on the floor.

  • I was talking about Rabeh and Sonny thoss, the 6’6 and 6’7 centers of the first game. He wasn’t as effective in the second game and stats were down because of the tougher counterparts in the 2nd game like J-ball, douthit and asi. Though he still contributed and schooled douthit.

  • Game Set Match… now i might need to go owl some celtics stuff