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Your Morning Dump… JaJuan Johnson likes to prove people wrong

Chuck - Red's Army July 24, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Morning Dump… JaJuan Johnson likes to prove people wrong

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“I always had to work myself to be one of the better players,’’ Johnson said. “At each level, I’ve always had to prove myself. That’s what keeps me even-keeled, it just always seems like I’ve got a lot of work to do.

“I just use it as motivation. I don’t let it affect me. Even though you might feel like you played better than another guy in a tournament or something, you still think, ‘Man, what do those people see that he has that I don’t.’ But I always use it to motivate myself.’’

“This is the biggest step of all,’’ Painter said. “In recruiting, everybody told him not to go to the Big Ten, that he wouldn’t make it in the Big Ten. He never missed a practice and he never missed a game. He never backed down from guys.’’

Johnson’s come to expect the questions about his weight. He’s learned the only way to answer them is with his play. He’s preparing for the NBA by putting the work in. The lockout has his hands tied, canceling summer league and threatening training camp. But he’ll train on his own.

Globe – Johnson pulling his weight

Skinny big men can make it in the NBA. Look no further than KG (250 lbs), LaMarcus Aldridge (240 lbs)  and Chris Bosh (235 lbs).

Sure, Johnson will struggle against the bulkier power forwards, but he needs to use his quickness to his advantage.

It appears that Johnson has a good work ethic, but talk is cheap. I'm sure I could dig up similar quotes by Gerald Green and Jerome Moiso.

Celtics 2nd round pick E'Twaun Moore has reportedly signed with an Italian team.

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