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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Elite 8: (#1 Seed vs #41 Seed)

The field of 64 plays has been chopped down to the elite eight.  While the top five seeds have made it this far, there have been a few upsets.  One of them is featured today, and that's Paul Pierce's posterization of Kris Humphries in New Jersey.  It barely beat out his no-look pass to Nenad Krstic against the Milwaukee Bucks and will have a tough time defeating the top seeded Ray Allen three against the New York Knicks in the playoffs.

Seed #1: Ray Allen Drills the Three (Game 1 2011 Playoffs vs NYK) – Fourth quarter. Game 1 at home vs the Knicks. C's are down by 1. Who gets the final shot? Why, Ray Allen of course. Ray inbounds to Pierce who gets nudged a bit by Melo, but no foul is called. Ray eventually makes his way to the "wing of death" for opponents, and promptly drills a three right in front of the Knicks' bench to seal the game. Clutch.


Seed #41: Pierce Posterizes Kris Humphries – A stunning theme spread out throughout the season were Pierce's nasty dunks. This one against New Jersey's Kris Humphries certainly ranks right up there. Pierce is driving up the right side of the court and first goes around the back with the dribble to get past the folding chair defense of Sasha Vujacic, then blasts a one-handed slam over Humphries.



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