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Great, now I have to buy this video game too

RedsArmyAdmin July 21, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

Bird 2k12
I've bought the last two versions of NBA 2K and I was thinking I might skip a year… until I saw this on Dime Magazine.

Now I have to buy it (unless someone at 2K sports wants to send me one for free… you know… to test it out). 

Oh, MJ and Magic are on a couple of other limited edition covers, but I don't give a damn about that.  I'm gonna grab Bird and 4 scrubs and dominate.  

Who am I kidding.  I'm gonna create myself, shoot so much my per is like 95.42, and have my 5 assists per game go to Bird.  But still… it'll be Bird. 

Stop looking at me like that.  You know you all create yourselves and ball hog too.  Don't judge.

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