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F*** a lockout… It’s Celtics night on NBA TV!

Fuck a lockout

For one night, we can put all this lockout talk behind us and escape through the wormhole known as NBA TV. 

You see, that lockout is preventing NBA TV from showing any players from the past couple of decades.  And you know what, that's fine with me, because Celtics history is rich enough (and at the right times) to fit nicely into NBA TV's limitations. 

So grab a Miller Lite, and kick back to Larry Bird's 50 Greatest moments at 8pm, C's-Bulls Game 4 from 1981 at 9pm, and C's-Lakers Game 4 of the 1984 Finals at 11pm. 

Oh, you're a night owl?  Or on the West Coast?  Well, C's-Rockets 1986 Finals Game 6 starts at 1AM.

So set your DVR's for an 8 hour stretch of awesome C's action.  So thanks to the lockout, we can say F*** a lockout, and revel in the Celtics' glory days.

Thanks to KWAPT for the heads up.  I know what he's doing tonight.

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  • Boom goes the dynamite. Watched ’84 Finals, Game 4 last night and recording the Larry Bird top 50 tonight…got most of the ’80’s on VHS already.
    Lockout driving me nuts. Thanks for still posting daily.