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Bynum at his handicapped-spot-stealing best

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is at again. Last seen clobbering a guy half his size in last year's playoffs, he's graduated to taking handicap parking-spots in L.A. Now, we know this guy is obviously mentally handicapped, but I don't think that qualifies.

Los Angeles' NBC 4 caught Bynum on video parking in a handicap-spot when there were clearly other spots available nearby. Perhaps one of his knees was bothering him. When NBC 4's Joel Grover later tried to talk to Bynum about the incident, Bynum slammed the door of his truck, almost slamming-it on the reporter's arm. You can read the entire story and see the video footage on NBC Los Angeles' homepage.

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  • Bynum could have easily just said, “My knee is bugging out. I needed this spot for just a second. I know it’s not the best thing to do, but I can barely move right now,” and avoided the backlash. The law out here is lenient in that regard; if you’ve had surgery, you can apply for a temp disable parking pass. No big deal.
    But the response… the response was jerk-like. And on top of the illegal parking, he drives a 650i cabrio. A 650i CABRIO! Nothing says, “I know nothing about cars” than that car.

  • I know-that’s what killed me too..that car lmao…

  • 4.4 V8 that sounds like a dog whistle. 407hp that drives like a milk truck because it lacks a solid roof. It’s like ordering the Filet Mignon only to pour ketchup on it… Bynum is just saying F-U to the world, I guess.

  • Yeah man, pretty much. YRDGAF. "YoungRichDoesntGiveAF**k"

  • Haha! Never heard that one before. Well said.