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C’s theoretical schedule is released

RedsArmyAdmin July 19, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on C’s theoretical schedule is released

The schedule is out, folks.  Whether we get to these games or not is up to people with a combined worth that's more than most small countries.  But don't worry, owners and players… we'll just wait for you two to divvy up your billions.

As for the schedule… the C's open up with a big snooze-fest game against the Cavaliers at home.  Guess the NBA doesn't think much of the Celtics anymore.  Where's the big bang on opening day?  Where's Miami, Dallas, New York, Orlando, or even Oklahoma City?   The C's don't see a marquee matchup until their 7th game when they go to Miami (which is a back-to-back with Orlando).  Looks like the NBA sees the Celtics entering the "George Clooney" phase of the Big 3 era:  Older, can't provide the big opening night anymore, but with the right supporting cast, they can still make you plenty of money.  

The Christmas Day game is the back-end of a home-and-home with the Knicks… but the league was nice enough to let the teams take two days to make the 90 minute flight to New York.  

Perk comes back to the Garden on January 16th… which is the MLK Day matchup on TNT that Monday night. The Lakers visit February 9 and the C's are in LA March 11.  

The C's do get the national spotlight 24 times (not counting NBA TV games). 

I counted 18 back-to-backs.  We'll see if that number increases due to a shortened season.  You can go here for the full schedule.

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