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The Miami Heat’s campaign of terrorizing children continues

RedsArmyAdmin July 15, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

The Miami Heat continue to do themselves no favors out there on the PR front.  For the second straight summer, Dwyane Wade has descended up on a youth camp only to find a way to viciously reject children's shots.

This time, it was at his own basketball camp.  It comes from our friends at Hot Hot Hoops:

Notice right away how he yells at the kid to distract her.  Then, at the :45 spot, the fun begins.  He does it twice… but Karma gets him at the 1:15 point when he tries to block the shot again with a ball, but misses… and he loses his game of knockout.

Yup… just more fun for D-Wade… who, of course, has blocked and berated children before (like last summer)

And he's not the only Heat player to embarrass a kid at a camp this summer.  Have you seen LeBron James dunking on a child?  

Just go to the :37 mark and then wait for LeBron to come flying in, smash on the kid, knock him to the ground, and then just prance away as everyone laughs.

I know… its all supposed to be in good fun.  Because I know when I go to a camp, having an NBA megastar reject my shot or dunk on me in a game of knockout is just so awesome.  I can't wait to tell my friends how a 270 guy made me crumble to the ground while people pointed and laughed at me. 

Yeah… that's a lot of fun. 

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