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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s elbow still hurts  

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"It's the most pain I've ever been in playing ball. I'm still in a a little pain now, but the swelling is down. The only thing is there's swelling in my joint. I'll be fine, it just takes time. I've got a couple more weeks that I'm off, as far as rest and the repetition of weights." 

WDRB Kentucky

This is a long interview (about 6 minutes long) that covers a lot:  The elbow, the Big 3, the lockout, his camps, and Kentucky basketball.  

You can tell from the video that he's pretty dismissive about the elbow and he doesn't make it sound like a big deal.  But then again, he blew off talk of the elbow when it happened too, and that was two months ago.  

So just so we're clear on this:  Rondo played with an injury that still hasn't healed more than two months after it happened.  We're talking about an 8-12 week injury recovery time and he was still out there in the playoffs. 

Other quotes from the video, courtesy of Chris Forsberg (h/t to him for the link)

On potentially playing overseas: "It's something my agent and I have spoken about. A lot of things go into playing overseas, a lot of little things to take care of. For me, right now, I'm just focused on getting healthy — getting healthy and getting better for my team next year, the Boston Celtics." 

On Boston's title potential with an aging Big Three: "I'm not concerned about the Big Three. There's a lot of things that people don't see, behind the scenes. They take care of their bodies. They are in the gym early, in the gym late… We still have a chance to get another ring." 

On the lockout: "I don't have much stress [about the lockout], I'm just trying to get my elbow healthy, do my summer routine, and get rehab on my elbow… I can't speak much about [the lockout]. I'm not as involved as I'd like to be. I follow up on email and I talk to my agent every day. I'm aware of what's going on. We just have to wait."

I doubt Rondo goes overseas.  He's not that kind of guy.  

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On page 2 (yes, there's a page 2!) Lawrence Frank is still up for a head coaching job

NBA coaching sources say that the Pistons are inching closer to a decision, though. 

Of the five known candidates for job, sources say that former Pistons assistant Mike Woodson is still the closest thing to a favorite, thanks largely to Woodson’s good working relationship with Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars and the fact that Detroit would know exactly what it’s getting after Woodson’s work under Larry Brown during the Pistons’ 2004 title run. 

Yet sources say that one reason Detroit’s search has dragged out so long is the strong impression that Lawrence Frank made on new Pistons owner Tom Gores and his advisers, among them former New York Knicks executive Dave Checketts. 

ESPN: Woodson, Frank atop Pistons list

A lot of head coaching vacancies came and went this summer, and it seems like Lawrence Frank was a finalist for all of them.  

This one looks like Joe Dumars wants to hire Woodson but the new owner has a thing for our boy Lawrence.  If that difference in opinion is really what's dragging this out, I wonder if Lawrence will really want to go there?

I know he will because its a head coaching job and it makes him more cash… but I wonder if somewhere inside himself he'll wonder "what the F am I getting myself into?"

One place where Lawrence Frank WON'T be going is Minnesota.  He wants no part of that mess.  As bad as Detroit is right now, they at least USED to be good.

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