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Your Morning Dump… Paul Pierce is a gambling man

Paul-pierce-1-200x300Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

A few big name celebrities also found their way to the felt on Saturday. Former Everybody Loves Raymond stars Ray Romano and Brad Garrett were in action as was Boston Celtics superstar Paul Pierce. Romano busted out the second level of the day but both Romano and Pierce managed to advance to Day 2. Garrett finished with 68,000 but it was Pierce who surprised most observers with his play. The NBA all-star bagged up 63,750 despite having what he describes as limited playing experience.

“Solid day. I’ve gotta pick it up if I want to compete. It’s a good first day. It’s a marathon, not a sprint,” said Pierce, who wore his NBA championship ring at the table. “Regardless of who I am in the NBA I’m everybody’s equal at the table. I’m fair game. You’ve got to be able to play.”

Bluff Magazine

Sure, Paul, you have "limited playing experience." You're just trying to lull opponents to sleep in the same style you use on the court. Once they blink… Bam! You blow past them for the dunk or splash an elbow jumper in their face.

If you want to follow Pierce's game closely at the WSOP, try this link from Poker News.

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  • everybody loves raymond was a terrible show

  • Ray Allen gets it (via Boston Globe, apologies if already stated on this site)):
    “I think of Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Dr. J, and I almost feel just . . . the money we make, not only as players but as owners, the money that’s in the loop is so outstanding, it’s almost embarrassing we can make this type of money and then we can haggle over what we haggle over,’’ Allen said. “It’s important that the game is at an all-time high and I believe that those players in the ’70s and ’80s, they built us to this point to where we can afford the salaries that we all afford, and we just have to remember that. We’ve got to take this game to the next level and know that this is bigger than us.”