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How the Celtics are treating season ticket holders

Chuck - Red's Army July 8, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on How the Celtics are treating season ticket holders

As the owners continue to play hardball with the players union, I became curious as to how they are treating their most valuable commodity – season ticket holders. The Celtics recently sent this email to their loyal fan base:

Dear xxxxx:

As a Season Ticket Holder, you are an esteemed member of the Celtics family and one of our most loyal fans. I wanted to personally reach out to you regarding the recent expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and the NBA Players Association. As you may have heard, the parties were unable to negotiate a new contract by the June 30 deadline and are now in a work stoppage situation. I want to assure you that the owners are working hard with the Players Union to reach a resolution and come to terms on a deal that will benefit both parties and our fans.

You are a vital part of our organization, our most valued customers, and the best fans in the league. We want to assure you that your investment in our organization will be protected, should any games during the 2011-12 season be missed due to the work stoppage. If that scenario becomes a reality, you can opt to be enrolled in a Season Ticket Holder loyalty program offering above market rate interest on money collected in your season ticket account. Alternatively, you can opt to request a full refund for payments made on missed games plus interest at the prevailing rate (as determined by the NBA). More information on this program will be forthcoming if necessary.

The fan (we promised anonymity as he fears retribution from Stern's posse of goons) who forwarded this email along is making payments as usual and is happy with the market rate interest payout on the season ticket account.

He offers up an interesting scenario. Should the NBA cancel the entire season, the money gained from interest payments over the next 6+ months could be used to upgrade the seats. Something he would not normally be able to afford.

It appears the league is playing fair with season ticket holders. Now if they would only ease up on their demands of the players union so we can watch hoops.

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