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Your Morning Dump… Von Wafer ❤ Boston


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"Von would love to be back [with Boston]," Doyle said of the 6-foot-5 swingman who has played for seven teams since being drafted by the Lakers in the second round (35th overall) of the 2005 draft. "He's never gotten that opportunity to go back with a team."

While Boston's first-round draft pick JaJuan Johnson snagged Wafer's No. 12 at last Monday's rookie introductions, Wafer remains a potential free agent option for depth at the swingman spot. Boston's desire to keep him might depend on whether the team can re-sign combo guard West, and whether Gilbert Brown, the undrafted shooting guard out of Pittsburgh who's also represented by Doyle, can earn a spot on the team once the lockout is over.

Doyle said Wafer has a better idea of what's expected of him after last season and stressed that Wafer learned a lot from Boston's veteran leaders. Wafer will draw interest from teams hoping he can rekindle what made him an effective bench presence in Houston during the 2008-09 season, when he averaged 9.7 points over 19.4 minutes per game. Wafer shot only 26.9 percent from beyond the arc last season, down from 39 percent in Houston, and coach Doc Rivers worked hard to get him to buy into the defense-first system. Even still, Wafer showed glimpses of what makes him an intriguing depth option.

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Von Wafer would love to return to the Celtics. Well… I'd love a date with Carolyn Manno. Which scenario is more likely?

I like Von's game and would not be opposed to a non-guaranteed contract in which he earns a roster spot. But I bet Danny Ainge takes a chance on someone else.

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  • i really liked von and what he did for us. he was good for a role player who can give you a few minutes when you need them. however, we need something better than that.

  • G4L

    Every positive thing Von did he negated with that missed dunk in which he prematurely celebrated.
    I dont see why ppl really like him. He never really displayed he was a good shooter & sure he could jump, but he’s not that great of a driver. Overrated!

  • Von can score, and he handled the crap with Delonte well, never complained, and stayed ready. That’s all anyone can ask of the 12th-15th guys on the bench.

  • I would love to see von wafer back in a celtics jersey next year. He took in the celtics system with hard work and had played hard when he got his minutes. At the beginning of the season he looked jittery and nervous. When he finally got a good amount of minuites under his belt he started to show what he could be as a good bench player. Then he got hurt and set him back and he never really got his confidence or playing time back. He can shoot and has some explosivness to the hoop. On defensive he shows spurts but he looks confused or lost which will happen in the celtics defense. With another year in the system he could be way ahead of the learning curve then a nobody free agent would be. I mean it said he shot only 26 percent which means he can only really do better.