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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Round 2 (#7 Seed vs #39 Seed)

Jay July 4, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off

Happy Independence Day to everyone out there from Reds Army.  What better way to celebrate than to vote on another second round matchup in the GreenLight Madness tournament?!?!  Ok, it's not nearly as good as hitting up all those cookouts, pool parties, fireworks shows and lighting off a few fireworks yourself.  Today's matchup features Rajon Rondo's slick moves at Madison Square Garden, going up against one of Paul Pierce's collection of slams.

Seed #7: Rondo Dances on the Baseline Finds Ray for Three – Rondo first sneaks over Amare Stoudemire for an offensive rebound from a Paul Pierce miss, and touch-passes it to Jermaine O'Neal who misses the lay-up. Then, he hustles in for another offensive rebound, dribbles around his back and between the legs while dancing on the baseline then finishes it off with a pass to Ray for a baseline three. Beautiful.


Seed #39: Pierce Spears the Deer – Earlier in March, the Celtics paid a visit to Milwaukee and Pierce made few spectacular plays. This dunk was another he added to his 2011 hit list. It's about halfway through the third quarter, and Pierce is running a one-man fast break. Weaving his way through a herd of Bucks, Pierce blows by Corey Maggette and unleashes a loud slam. Just another run-of-the-mill slam for the 2011 season for Pierce.



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