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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Round 2 (#4 Seed vs #36 Seed)

It's official: The NBA is in full lockout mode and it's likely to stay that way for quite some time.  Will it be just the summer or will it last through the fall?  Will we have a training camp?  Pre-season? Will it return by Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas?!?! It's depressing to think about it, but it's the reality right now and I'd be surprised if the two sides agree to a deal any time soon.  But this tournament will still be going strong, and really what else do you have to do?

Seed #4: KG Steals and Dives for the Ball (Game 2 vs NYK) – The Celtics are already holding a 1-0 series lead and are clinging to another one-point lead in Game 2, thanks to KG's jump hook in the lane.  Now, a team that prides itself on defense, has a chance to take a 2-0 lead on defense.  And who better than Kevin Garnett to execute the play.  As Carmelo Anthony drives to the basket, he "went to Jared" as in Jeffries, attempting to feed him for a lay-up.  A puzzling move indeed, as Melo had been on fire all night.  KG steals the ball, dives to save it, calls timeout and wins the game.


Seed #36: KG Blocks Juwan Howard (Game 5 vs Miami) – Again, this game evokes some bad memories, but this block by KG was one of the good ones. Miami is lethal in transition, unless it's Juwan Howard finishing the break. KG completes a perfect block on Howard, a play straight out of 1997.



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  • Looking at that KG defense video, notice who runs out on the court after the timeout is called. It’s D-West, Jermaine and Green with Nenad and Wafer coming along a bit more timidly. Jermaine seems to be the most excited of all and West + Green are reasonably hyped too. Some were complaining about the bench being too bored — so let go of Murphy, Pavlovic and Arroyo? Possibly Wafer too. I’d agree on that + keeping all the excited guys I named. Anyway, it’s just a thing I noticed. Shows who is a comptetitor and winner at heart and who is not.