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Your Morning Dump… Where today is D-Day

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

After meeting twice a week for most of the month, this is the only session scheduled this week. The two sides could continue bargaining past the deadline, but that probably requires owners to see evidence of the gap narrowing Thursday.

Otherwise, they could lock out the players for the first time since the 1998-99 season was reduced to 50 games, though commissioner David Stern has refused to say what would happen if a deal is not done Thursday.

[…] The meeting Thursday will include just small groups from each side, after many players attended the last session. Without a deal, there will be no free agency starting Friday, and the summer league in Las Vegas has already been canceled.

Real games could be next to go. Stern has said the offers only get worse once a lockout has started, though there is still plenty of time even if nothing gets done Thursday.

"I don't see us missing any games. But I see it coming down to the wire, though," Stephen Jackson said.

ESPN: Owners, players to meet Thursday

The deal expires at midnight… and there is virtually no chance of a deal between now and then to avoid a lockout.  And there's virtually no chance of enough progress to extend the deadline and avoid a lockout.

Of course, the lockout doesn't kick in automatically at midnight.  The owners can decide to wait if they'd like.  But they'll probably act quickly.  And since the players won't actually lose any money over the summer (they don't get paid for next season until the season starts) they will dig in for a fight.

So that's where we're at.  A lot of really rich people fighting over a ton of money getting ready to wipe our fun for a while. 

Thanks guys.

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  • Meanwhile today is the day JG will be extended a q/o. Blazers just did the same with Oden. If he can stay healthy and average Bynum type numbers Oden becomes the consolation prize in the D. Howard sweepstakes. Celts may not have the cap space to woo a max guy like Howard, but certainly enough for Oden.

  • Do you mean this coming season?
    The Blazers made Oden the qualifying offer… which is about $8 million. That’s still too much for the C’s

  • free agents i would like to see get, in no real order
    Delonte West
    Jeff Foster
    James Jones
    Jason Kapono
    Tracy McGrady
    Leon Powe
    Chris Wilcox
    Jeff Green (R)
    All vets that can serve certian roles and you can get them on the Cheap
    who do you all think we should go after?

  • No I meant next season when he and Howard become unr. I don't see a way to get him here this season unless it's a multi-player deal, which would include either Green or Davis. It's all about his health because the Blazers got burned with Roy and can't afford to extend Oden max money unless the new CBA changes.
    Batum is reportedly off limits, but I would be looking at a potential trade for Batum and Oden. Portland needs cap relief and may not be able to keep Batum past next season. Davis/Bradley or Johnson/Quis TPE + Clips protected #1 + future protected #1 may peak their interests. AB certainly is expendable with E'Twaun and perhaps G. Brown in the fold. No doubt JJ will be groomed as KG's caddy, and perhaps be given a shot to play with the starters, but it's also fair to say Batum is further along than Johnson at this point. Wishful thinking beccause Portland seems intent on keeping Batum.