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Antoine Walker pleads guilty to felony in casino case

Antoine suit Antoine Walker's financial implosion is now well documented.  His NBA legacy will now always be the guy who made over $100 million and went broke. 

And now, in a move that is either a step closer to rock bottom or putting his problems behind him… Antoine pleaded guilty to stiffing a casino

Pro-basketball player Antoine Walker pleaded guilty Tuesday to one felony count of passing a bad check stemming from his failure to repay about $1 million in gambling debts he owed to three Las Vegas casinos.

A sentencing date for Walker, who did not appear in court, was scheduled for Nov. 1 before Judge Valorie Vega.

The 34-year-old faces probation or one to four years in prison. Prosecutor Sam Bateman said he is not seeking prison time as long as Walker pays back the $750,000 he still owes.

As part of the negotiations, prosecutors dropped two other counts of passing bad checks.

This could be the step closer to rock bottom because if 'Toine doesn't pay back the $750,000, then he's going to jail.  But he could also be closer to a recovery if he pays the money back, moves on, and starts living a normal life. 

Antoine has been playing ball wherever he can.  $750,000 is a lot of money.  I'm not exactly sure where he's going to get it.  Somehow, I still get the feeling this won't end well.

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  • He’s still got friends. I imagine someone will pony up the money to keep him out of jail if it comes to that.

  • He’s got to be thinking “If I had a dollar for every 3-pointer I missed I could pay this off right now”…
    But seriously, he’s probably already burned his 750K friends by now. That’s just how it works, writing bad checks to the casino comes after that. I, personally, would do the year in jail for that kind of money.

  • Agreed, this cant end well. He’s certainly never gonna get back to the NBA, and playing at the level he is, he might as well just get a job somewhere where he hasnt burned his bridges. He’ll be more remembered for going broke after making all those millions than he was for jacking 3’s and getting abused by Kenyon Martin. Sad story but Toine enjoyed the ride.

  • Can’t feel sorry for the guy. How do u blow 100$ million? I just can’t fathom how that’s even possible. I understand if you were a venture capatilist and the market just tanking, but a pro basketball player that gets guaranteed money? Toine gonna end up living in his car. I’m sure of it.