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Your Morning Dump… Where official team websites will become more useless

Old computer Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

That's because the moment the clock strikes midnight on the current CBA, all those images and videos of NBA players have to disappear off NBA-owned digital properties. Depending on how you interpret "fair use," the prohibition could include the mere mention of a player's name on an NBA-owned site, though different teams have different interpretations of this particular stipulation. 

Over the past few weeks, NBA website administrators and support staff have endured two-hour conference calls and countless planning sessions to figure out how to eliminate all these photos, highlights, articles and promotional features from the sites. 

There are additional gray areas that are still up for discussion: What about a photo of a Lakers fan wearing a No. 24 Kobe Bryant jersey? What about a retrospective feature on the John Stockton-Karl Malone Jazz teams? Do tweets from the team's official Twitter feed that mention a player and/or link to an image need to be deleted? How about Facebook posts? 

Nobody seems to know for certain the definitive answers to these questions and the criteria seem to be arbitrary. According to more than one team website staffer, the cutoff for images of retired players right now stands at 1992-93 — Shaquille O'Neal's first season in the league. And social media is an area they're still grappling with as the deadline approaches. 

ESPN True Hoop: Back to the internet "stone ages" for the NBA

I'm not gonna lie here.  I barely ever go to  Unless I'm looking at the schedule or roster for something (like a birthday or home town), there's really not much reason to go there.  

They can't announce news at the same speed as other sources because they have to wait until things are official… whereas reporters have sources and even quotes from team officials saying things are going to happen.  Teams are just bound by different rules about what they can put on their sites.

And now, they're going to get even more useless because teams will have to remove all mentions of their actual players.  

The NBA has built and furnished each team with a website "wire frame" that will take the place of the existing, much more sophisticated site. The wire frame is a rudimentary version of the site, without a lot of the snazzy technology we've grown accustomed to seeing. As a result, each of the 30 team sites will look virtually identical. 

“We're going back to the stone ages of the Internet," said one team website administrator. "It's all going to be very dumbed down.” 

Congratulations, NBA.  Not only are you trying to kill interest in your sport by threatening your season, you're not even going to let fans of teams filter their way through the official sites to re-live some memories to get them through the down time.  

This is what the lockout will bring.  This is what happens when billionaires fight over money.  Stupid things like this. 

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  • Any confirmation on whether images of cheerleaders are still permitted?
    Is it creepy to think they should just turn each team’s website into nothing but an image gallery of their dancers?

  • Ugh. Such poor business execution. Focus on the consumer of your product. Do the dancers have a union?

  • call me a trader.. but my company is developing mobile applications for the Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets, and Rockets. these teams are in full stealth mode and desperately trying to integrate fan interaction

  • Dancers and mascots will be heavily featured. better be careful. The Celtics don’t like sites that heavily feature Celtics dancers

  • Hey… business is business. Just stick a glitch in the Lakers app that randomly calls up Kobe’s mug shot

  • It seems to me that while embedded images of players would be a no no, they could use images of players in stories under the guise of history and journalism.

  • I mean, how often do the blogs get sued for running pictures of games on their websites? It’s a bad move on the part of the players’ union to proceed with this. It will just hurt interest levels of the sport, which are higher right now then they’ve been in a lot time.

  • It’s sad it will come to this. I know the league needs to fix some issues,but some owners shouldn’t be owners. Anyone Who pays Rashard Lewis 20 million a year shouldn’t have a team.

  • What is going to happen on the train wreck of a channel NBATV??? reruns of games from the 80s? I mean its not like that channel gets high ratings in the regular season let alone the offseason, but what programming can they possibly offer?

  • I don’t know how they can have much content– but I like the games from the past, so I’m okay with them showing those all day. I wasn’t born until 1988 so it’s very interesting for me to watch games from before my time.

  • Last time I checked Celtics website was ages ago, and it still had six month-old headline news in the homepage..
    These guys are crazy, David Stern is a crazy puppet held by rich, cruel puppeteers.