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JaJuan Johnson is well aware he’s a skinny dude

Johnson bodybuilder JaJuan Johnson is making the interview rounds and one of the recurring topics is his weight.  At 220 pounds, he's a little thin for a 6'10" guy.  It's a new problem for the Celtics, who are used to trying to figure out how to keep the weight off a young forward… but Johnson is very well aware of the issue… and he's working on it.

The 221-pound forward is trying to bulk up so he is better-suited to play forward in the NBA. Johnson said that it’s a matter of diet, which he hopes to get straightened out in short order.

“When I was back in Chicago, I had a chef, and he was cooking for me every day, pretty much helping me with calories, the amount of calories I needed to put in each day,” he said. “Once I get in [to Boston on Thursday] I’ll get back on track.”    

Not only is he adding the calories, he's working out with Tim Grover… NBA workout guru.  You know, the guy who trained Michael Jordan?  He's also the guy Jermaine O'Neal turned to when he needed to get stronger.  And Johnson knows he needs to get a lot stronger.

Q: Do you need to bulk up? 

Johnson: "Oh, definitely. I'm definitely hoping to put on some weight. I know it'll happen. I'll definitely put the time in in the weight room, and eat, and all of that. So, it's not a huge concern to me, but I know it'll happen." 

Q: How much do you weigh? 

Johnson: 220. 

Q: What do you want to get to? 

Johnson: "As much as possible."

It's a good thing Johnson turned to Grover for weight-gaining advice and not us.  Chuck and I have spent the past few months packing on the pounds too… with a steady diet of Blue Moon and buffalo wings.  While this might be a Glen Davis approved plan… we think JaJuan is taking a more appropriate plan of attack. 

Hey JuJuan… welcome to the Red's Army photoshop.  Happy you can stop by.

Here's more with JuJuan courtesy of our boy A. Sherrod Blakely:

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  • if j3 had dynamic explosion than he wouldn’t need to add weight.. as a 2nd unit hustler i’m not projecting him to make the rotation