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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays: Round 2 (#1 Seed vs #33 Seed)

The field of 64 plays has been cut in half and now the top 32 remain, based on your votes.  Today we begin the second round of voting and as such the first seeded "Ray Allen Three to Beat the Knicks" makes its second appearance, vying for a shot at the Sweet 16.  Below are the result of the first round and each of the next matchups for the remaining 32 plays.

Seed #1: Ray Allen Drills the Three (Game 1 2011 Playoffs vs NYK) – Fourth quarter.  Game 1 at home vs the Knicks.  C's are down by 1.  Who gets the final shot?  Why, Ray Allen of course.  Ray inbounds to Pierce who gets nudged a bit by Melo, but no foul is called.  Ray eventually makes his way to the "wing of death" for opponents, and promptly drills a three right in front of the Knicks' bench to seal the game.  Clutch.


 Seed #33: KG's Dunk and Blocks vs Miami (Game 1 ECSF) – With about two and a half minutes remaining in Game 1 against Miami, the Celtics are down by 12 and are attempting one last gasp of a comeback. They force a turnover and KG runs the floor as if they are in a tied game and Rondo passes it ahead to Jeff Green who quickly tap-passes it to Garnett for the loud slam. Then, with the C's trailing by 10, KG executes a couple of Bill Russell-esque blocks: first on Chris Bosh, then on Mario Chalmers.



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  • Damn! Ray’s 3 is gonna be really hard to beat!

  • Jp

    I hadn’t been watching the results much, I was hoping none of the two-play clips made it through the first round. Now that cranky man has spoke his mind, I love that you are doing this. Good fun! Thanks.

  • Glad you’ve enjoyed it… which two-play clips do you mean? As in KG’s from yesterday and today?

  • This has been fantastic MrTDouble. Can only imagine the amount of time & effort that has gone into this. Well done..

  • Jp

    Right, that’s what I was getting at. All 64 have been great clips, just hard for me to vote for a “best play” when it’s delivered as two plays. Again, I don’t mean to put a blemish on what you’re doing, cuz this is great stuff, just pointing out a thought I had through the first round.
    Keep up the superb stuff.