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JaJuan Johnson is a momma’s boy

Chuck - Red's Army June 27, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on JaJuan Johnson is a momma’s boy

Chris Forsberg has some insight into why the Celtics rookies selected their numbers:

Johnson, who wore No. 25 at Purdue and still has that digit in his Twitter handle, said he chose No. 12 because of his mother, Rhonda Curlin, who wore that number in high school.

"There wasn't a lot to decide from," Johnson said with a smile. "But, pretty much the reason I picked 12 is because my mom, she used to play with No. 12. I couldn't get 25, so I thought I'd just go with 12."

Mrs. Curlin, in attendance for Monday's ceremony, admitted she and her son share a special bond, talking almost every day even while he was at college, and was honored by his decision. She explained that her school colors were green and white, which aided the decision.

Moore, the 55th overall pick in Thursday's draft, chose that same number as a bit of a reminder of the uphill battle he faces as a late second-round selection.

"I chose 55, it's motivation," said Moore. "Growing up, I used to wear 55. I used to like Jason Williams — White Chocolate — I used to like the way he passed, so I used to wear 55, too, when I was younger."

While John tries to portray me as a callous, heartless, emotionless bastard, I assure you that is not the case.

I'm touched by JaJuan's gesture. There's nothing manlier than loving your mom.

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