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Your Morning Dump… Why we shouldn’t run Glen Davis out of town

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Davis embodies an accomplished role player with excellent career numbers, in terms of wins and big plays made in important games. He's considered a good locker room guy, easy to get along with and open to coaching from the staff and veteran players. Now that he's a respected vet himself and has played in dozens of tense playoff games despite being just 25, teams needing "glue guys" will target Davis as someone who can do more than just play a role. He brings all those "war" stories with him, not to mention a vast knowledge of how to play elite-level team defense.

ESPN's Scouts Inc. – Best Buys in Free Agency (Insider)

David Thorpe of Scouts Inc ranks Glen Davis the #1 Best Buy in free agency. Yup… our Glen Davis.

I think most Celtics fans are ready to let Davis walk. What's that old saying… familiarity breeds contempt? Whether it's his addiction to the jump shot, the mental slumps or his 3rd person references, there's something (or a lot of things) that rubs fans the wrong way.

But we can't forget that Glen is only 25 years old. There are a lot of positives to his game.

While Davis might be tired of his role with the current version of the Celtics (and vice versa), I fear that in a couple of years we'll be searching for a guy just like him.

On Page 2, one scout is raving about JaJuan Johnson.

“The Celtics did a great job,” the scout said. “This guy should have gone before. Danny did a really good job when he identified this kid. He can play. People up there might think I’m crazy, but JaJuan Johnson is a great replacement for Kendrick Perkins [stats].

“I’m not saying he’s going to step in and be a star, but this kid can help that team. And he’s going to get better.”

The scout then went on to extol Johnson’s virtues.

“He has real skills,” he said. “You’re going to love his mid-post game. He knows how to get the ball in good position, and he can turn over both shoulders. And he runs like a deer. We tested him, and he’s an unbelievable athlete. He has a 39-inch vertical leap and he was beating guards up and down the floor. (Rajon) Rondo and Delonte West are going to love playing with this kid.”

Herald – Cure in Second Opinion

Steve Bulpett says this scout is "another team’s top amateur evaluator — a scout I trust because he has been correct in his projections more than anyone else I’ve known."

Here's hoping he's right again…

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  • big baby sucks get him out of here as soon as possible

  • Perhaps we will be looking for a guy the is what big baby was..but i have a feeling the second half of last a season/playoffs is the direction big baby is going in..being a me first type of player..big baby wants big baby to be a star..not a glue/role player

  • His only value is in a sign-n-trade. I guess if we can get him REAL cheap, then he could be 8th or 9th off the bench.

  • well, JarJar is exactly the *type* of player we need in my opinion. I look forward to seeing him in action. Too frikkin bad about Summer League.

  • resign jeff green and delonte next. Shop rondo for chis paul or dwight howard throw in any of amounts of picks from the next years draft or the clippers pick and this team is the championchip contender for the next 5 years. Then sign backup players for min for a chance to play witht eh greatest team ever assmebled