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Your Morning Dump… Two guys names JaJuan and E’Twaun

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"It's an honor just to be able to learn from those guys. I'm just going to be a sponge. I'm going to take in all I can and really learn from those guys."

On his ability
"I'm long, athletic, I love to run, I can jump. And my ability to shoot has improved every year that I've been in school."

On his talk with Celtics head coach Doc Rivers
"He really didn't say anything about my role. He just congratulated me on getting selected. Obviously we got some work to do and I'm ready to put in the work."

On going to the C's with college teammate E'Twaun Moore, who was selected by the C's in the second round
"I texted him. He called me and we talked about how crazy it was we were on the same team again because we definitely didn't expect it."

On what he knows about Boston
"Not much. I know the Patriots are there and I'm a huge Colts fan. I've seen the battles they've had over the years, but that's all I'm familiar with."

On playing with Kevin Garnett
"It's a dream come true. Growing up and watching him, he was my favorite player so learning from him is going to be good."


That's what Celtics 1st round pick JaJuan Johnson had to say to Comcast's Kyle Draper. A lean 6-10 power forward from Purdue who – if the Celtics are the contenders we want them to be – will get familiar with Maine.

In the 2nd round, the Celtics went with another Purdue guy with an odd name – E'Twaun Moore. If Johnson has the slimmest of chances to make the roster, then I'm not sure what to expect from Moore.

I'm not going to pretend to know either of these guys. They're both four year players and I see that as a plus. Johnson is an athletic big with some touch (Chris Bosh?), something the Celtics desperately need. In a perfect world, he'll be able to contribute off the bench next season.

The Celtics will introduce both on Monday.

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  • Saw this guy play in the tournament. He’s got a good overall game. Might possibly replace Big Baby as he will be a free agent soon. Don’t know much about E’ Twan Moore. I doubt we’ll even see him. he’ll probably spend most of the season in the D-League.

  • The guy was The big ten player of the year and big ten defensive player of the year 1 of 3 people in history to achieve that. Over a guy everyone projected to go #1 if he came out Jared Sullinger. Johnson has the same build as KG 6’10 220 pounds KG when drafted 6’11 220 pounds. Athletic can block shots 2.3pg. Good pick and pop guy can spread the floor. Johnson and Moore both 4 year starters had 107 wins in their college careers

  • If you know nothing about them how can you comment on where they will be playing next year? I have seen both play many a time in person, both are waaay more polished then Avery Bradley. JaJuan Johnson can give us 10-15 min next year.

  • Am I the only one who sees the similarities between Garnett and this guy? I mean both has almost the same shape when drafted as Highrolla1303 said. KG has a nice mid range shot so do JaJuan. Both are good at defence and I think JJJ is a bit the same emotional as KG (in some videos I saw that after I nice block or something Johnson bump into his chest like Kevin). And both are athletic. Of course, I woudn’t expect JaJuan to be the same level as KG or not even close at that (good role player is maximum I think), but he can really help us from the bench.

  • These seem to be character guys with some upside, as they seem ready to learn. Especially Johnson. Reality is we selected 2/5’s of a starting lineup that didn’t make out of the 2nd round this past March.

  • Uh no. KG was a phenom coming out in his draft. JaJuan is just another “is he a PF or not?” guy who is skinny, can jump out of the gym, and has the dreaded “potential upside” tag on him.

  • Johnson may have to contribute right away, considering the lack of depth the Celtics have in the frontcourt. Judging by the free agent landscape, the C’s are gonna have a major weakness at the 4/5…and heaven forbid KG falls apart.
    I’m more interested in seeing if Avery Bradley can actually play. He has to crack the rotation this year. If not, another critical whiff in the draft.

  • They should really put out a law against bad names..