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Big Baby hires a shrink, says LeBron should too

We all know about Big Baby's well documented (because he won't shut up about them) mental issues.  Now he's looking to get some help.  

What happened in the postseason, where you said your play wasn’t up to your standards?:

“Mentally, I wasn’t there. … I had to kind of adjust the way I played in the second half of the season and mentally I didn’t get a rhythm as far as just the way the game went and then just mentally like drained. That’s my offseason workout this year is to practice mentally. I’ve been doing a lot of things mentally to get ready for the upcoming season.”

How do you practice mentally?:

“I hired a sports psychologist to help you tap into the zone … as far as you miss a shot, you don’t worry about that. You go to the other end and use that energy to do something else on defense. … Let it pass like a cloud. Clouds pass by you all the time and you don’t worry about it, you’ve just got to keep going. That’s what I’ve been concentrating on, just how to handle things like a professional.”

Do you think LeBron James needs something like a sports psychologist or has that criticism just been unfair?:

“I think if you’re the king, you’re the king. You’ve got to deal what kings deal with and that’s everybody. You’ve got to be able to handle that type of pressure and not break under it and put your mind in a place where you can overcome anything. I think it could work for LeBron. I think it could work for anybody, really.”

Hey… good for him for doing SOMETHING to get past his mental issues.  If anyone could use one, it's Glen Davis.  Maybe with some luck, we can get a post game interview like this some day.  

I'd love to see how this goes over with LeBron.  You know he'll get asked about it.  Which means he'll be targeting Baby the next time they see each other.  That'll be a load of fun.

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  • Lebron will get it someday. Probaby after Miami trades him in the future.