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Your Morning Dump… Where Josh Smith wants to come to Boston

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The Atlanta Hawks have started to gauge trade interest on forward Josh Smith(notes), and Smith isn’t adverse to ending his seven-year stay with his hometown team, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Monday.

Smith hasn’t requested a trade, but has privately told league friends that the Boston CelticsNew Jersey Nets,Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic are his preferred destinations should the Hawks decide to move him.

“The relationship has run its course,” said a league source with knowledge of the dynamic.

Yahoo!: Hawks assess trade interest in Smith

Well, now you've got a decision to make.  

Do you break up the Celtics core to bring in a 25 year old athletic power forward who, despite some flaws in his game, has the potential to be a game-changer as he grows?  

I say, painfully… yes.  And the tradeable piece is Ray Allen, who is mentioned in the piece: 

Hawks GM Rick Sund has long coveted Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen – two aging Celtics entering the final years of contracts – but Celtics GM Danny Ainge has yet to show an inclination to break up his core for next season.

This is one of those tough decisions that Danny Ainge keeps talking about.  When he's brought up the past where the Celtics were afraid to break up the Big 3 at the end of their run… this is the kind of deal he's talking about having passed on. 

I'm not going to pump Josh Smith up in to some kind of superstar.  Not yet anyway.  But he's got that kind of potential.  He's a good, mobile defender who can get out and run.  Yes, he settles for a few too many jumpers, but he's also shown the ability to get aggressive.  And again, he's only 25. 

How many times have we mentioned the need for an athletic big to run with Rondo?  Put Josh Smith in there with him and maybe they can re-live their Oak Hill days:

On the flip side, you lose a steady force.  Ray Allen has been a loyal soldier for the Celtics.  But Danny Ainge has been clear about setting emotions aside and making deals he thinks will help this team. 

If you put your emotions aside too, you'll see that this deal can help the Celtics.  I don't WANT to see Ray Allen go.  But I do want Josh Smith.  I want Smith to learn from Kevin Garnett.  I want Smith to run the break with Rondo.  And I want Smith to be part of the Celtics future.  He is the youth and size we need and he can slide into KG's power forward role once he retires, which is coming soon.  

If he really wants out of Atlanta, and he really wants to come to Boston, and Atlanta really wants someone like Ray Allen (who can help a young playoff team grow up a little)… then this is something the Celtics HAVE to explore.

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  • I agree with you John, this is one of those moves that you hate to part with Ray Allen but if it will bring you a piece to play along side Rondo, you have to do it.
    The only reason i would say no is because we have Jeff Green, now I understand the difference between the two players but what line up would you run in the intirm? Rondo-Pierce-Green-Smooth-KG ? I love the speed and ability to get up and down the court, but im a firm believer in having big centers. Its a game of height.
    If you could some how do it without parting Ray and build a package around Green (sign & trade?) then you have to try everything you can to make that happen.

  • put it this way, when I read the headline I put my arms up in victory in my cubicle.
    110% if we can get Josh for Ray we should do it. Does it suck to give up Ray. Of course, but we NEED to get younger.
    Ever since I have followed the celtics (84) Its always been a race against the clock and if we were young, we sucked.
    ANY player that comes to the C’s gets their head put on straight pretty quick.
    Green, Smith, Garnett, Peirce, Rondo? Thats a hell of a starting 5. NO REASON why Paul can’t play the 2.
    I am getting pumped with the possibility of that happening.

  • also, knowing pierce he would love the challenge of playing the 2.

  • I think Pierce should play the 2. He’s clearly getting slow on his drives. He gets more of his shots blocked now.

  • danny has a lot of work to do. i think trading ray an dKG before the deadline would be a power move to building a the next dynasty

  • No No No No No and No. And did I forget to say no?
    For the C’s, Ray’s skill right now is irreplaceable. Who is going to spread the floor with their outside shooting? Rondo? Jeff Green? Josh Smith? Is Delonte a good enough shooter from range to replace Ray? We just watched Dallas take down the Heat by raining threes and we want to become an even worse three point shooting team? This is EXACTLY the kind of move that guarantees a playoff spot every year as well as a playoff exit when we face the Heat or the Bulls. I don’t want to be the Milwaukee Bucks from the eighties or the Utah Jazz from Jordan’s years.
    No No No No No and No.

  • Josh is the one guy in the league who looks at LeBron’s body and say’s “so what”. I’d love to have in in Boston. He’s obviously not gonna carry a team but he’s certainly a solid player who could be part of a championship team. I’d be shocked if ATL let him go for 1 year of Ray Allen.

  • Come on guys really Ray Allen for Josh Smith?? They have Joe Jhonson why would they want Ray Allen. If you can package maybe Baby Davis with Clippers first round pick next year i think and a throw in like lets say Bradley or this years Pick!!! Im all for it. Of course sign and trade would have to work for baby to go there. But who wants Baby!! Am I right

  • This is a no brainer, Ray is the moveable piece, might have to do a sign and trade with BBD (and a draft pick) to make the numbers work? It’s time to move on from the Big 3, we need to start competing with Chicago and Miami who are quicker to the ball and have no real big men anyway.
    Our game plan now needs to revolve around Rondo and his skill-set, our old style-toughness, roughness and ubuntu left when we lost Perk anyway (notice KG not barking as much in the playoffs?). Rondo would have running mates with Green and Smith, not to mention Rajon is great at finishing around the rim, and they’re all roughly the same age so it would feel more natural for Green. Rondo would realize it’s his team and he’s the leader now. Plus 2 great all-star veterans and a great coach to mentor these youngns, and DA pulling the trigger on a big and a shooter (JIMMER!) to fill in our bench, we would be revitalized and less stale.
    PLEASE do this before the draft and especially before the lockout, or this summer will just drag…

  • We may not want the C’s to become the 80’s Bucks but we don’t want them to become the post championship Pistons even more. Like next Summer Detroit had all that money recently only to acquire Gordon and Charlie V. I like this move. PP has developed into an outside threat so he could share with Delonte and Green the wing. Young studs to protect aging stars is the theme this Summer + having a solid nucleus for a free agent to want to come here next Summer is very important.

  • So how would this help Pierce if he’s slow? He would be competing against much quicker 2’s like Wade. Sounds like a horrible matchup for him.

  • This would be a horrible move. Josh Smith is a quitter and not mentally tough at all. And this is after 7 years in the league. Remember Ricky Davis? This is Josh Smith. People would be cursing this guy’s name much like Antoine back in the day for his ill-advised 3’s. Also, with trading Allen for Smith, this team would have a tough time scoring. Their best shooter would be Pierce.
    I do agree a deal should be made at some point as I agree with the last poster. Detroit had cap room in a similar situation and killed their team with poor signings. Elite players simply didn’t want to go to Detroit.
    Speaking of Detroit, Ben Gordon would be a nice replacement for Ray Allen….

  • What a brutal choice….. Do you give up the best clutch shooter in the game who is also your best all-around citizen on your team and who seemingly never makes a stupid play on the floor for a guy 10 years younger who is one of the most athletic forwards in the game? My wife already told me if they trade Ray, she will never watch them again. I may be watching them alone..

  • Wow, that is TOUGH. We can’t count on Green in any capacity, nothing against him but he simply hasn’t shown it. So him at the wing or at the 3 is highly suspect in my opinion, I sincerely hope he proves me wrong. PP has matured his shot where he can be a legitimate threat at the 2.
    Ray is THE model citizen and worker in the NBA and there isn’t a close second, maybe even in all the sports. He is the most accurate shooter of all time and the most dependable player we’ve had in years.
    Bigs are the C’s biggest worry, and Josh/Rondo is a sexy combo. Didn’t he also say he liked KG being KG at one point? So hopefully he can learn some D from Big Ticket.
    Would ATL want JJ and Allen? I don’t think so. On paper, this looks like a good move for the C’s but no so much for ATL. Trading Allen would be the hardest move to swallow since Curtis Martin on the Pats; phenomenal combination of character, drive, and talent.