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Glen Davis just wants Glen Davis to be Glen Davis

Baby bench Glen Davis was out and about for a few promotional appearances today.  The media was there, and of course the questions turned to his future in Boston.  

First up, Chris Forsberg (with video):

On what's most important to him this offseason: "I feel I know what’s most important to me and that's Glen being Glen. I can’t perform the way I need to perform if I’m not Glen Davis. I need to be in situation where I’m going to be Glen Davis. If it’s here with the Celtics or with somebody else. I just want to make sure I’m Glen Davis, whatever I do, wherever I'm at. That’s all I’m really concentrating on, being Glen Davis, and being a complete player." 

On whether Glen Davis can be Glen Davis in Boston: [Long pause] I can be Glen Davis wherever. It depends on the system, the people around the system, who is going to let Glen Davis be Glen Davis, not let Glen Davis be something they think he should be." 

I'm not a fan of what Glen Davis is saying about Glen Davis.  Glen Davis thinks Glen Davis is something Glen Davis is not… which is a starter and primary offensive option.  Glen Davis is not ready for that… because Glen Davis also said this:

"I pride myself on playing good basketball, especially when you need it. Every postseason I’ve played tremendously good to the point where it was like wow and this [spring] it didn’t happen," Davis said. "Because I felt mentally I wasn’t ready and prepared enough for what was in front of me. It affected the way I played and that’s what I’ve been doing this offseason, concentrating on that and making sure postseason’s like this don’t happen to me." 

Not being there mentally is a running theme for Glen Davis.  There was this pathetic interview where, as Chuck put it, he sounded like a guy who lost his puppy.  And then there was the time where starting messed with his head.  

I'm all for Glen Davis, the guy who took a lot of charges, took decent shots, and crashed boards early in the season.  However, I'm getting really sick of "I need to be a starter" Glen Davis who keeps letting everyone know minor variations to his game or other off-the-court matters completely derail him.  

They're called "adjustments" Glen.  If you can't make them, then you're going to mentally check yourself out of the NBA.  It's time to snap back into reality and accept a role that will make you richer than a LOT of people over a pretty good NBA career.

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  • Glen Davis can be Glen Davis somewhere else. I’m through with this idiot. Everything he has said since the season indicates he totally doesn’t get it. Anybody who put in a terrible playoff performance like that and then talks about INCREASED playing time and responsibility must not be living in reality. Glen – you were special at times but you don’t seem to have the intangibles to be a great role player.
    Go break your hand on another friend’s face in some other city.

  • reds army can we get some trade rumors or even trade ideas in the next article. Maybe how u want the celtics to approach this offseason and who’d like to see on the team via free agent or trades. Id liek to discuss what this team could be given the idea of trading rondo singing delonte as starting point guard and backing up avery bradley. I no some people are completely against trading the “savior” rondo but he could catch alot in this trade market and wed be gaining a player in the starting lineup who can hit open shots something rondo can’t do

  • Does Glen Davis know that the real Glen Davis is freakin’ crazy?