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Your Morning Dump… Will the Celtics kick tires on Allen Iverson?

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Allen Iverson has indicated that he wants to return to the NBA and is willing to play whatever role is needed.

Now remember, the last time Iverson was a free agent and went to Memphis two years ago, the Celtics seriously considered him.

You’d assume they would at least kick the tires on the 36-year-old when the lockout ends and teams are able to bring in free agents.

Globe – Sunday Basketball Notes

Allen Iverson likely still possesses the physical tools to play in the NBA. But mentally, he's a mess. Over the past three years, he bounced from Denver to Detroit to Memphis to Philadelphia to Turkey.

The rap on Iverson is his refusal to become a bench player. File under: Stubborn and stupid.

There are major questions about his personal life. There are reports that he's an alcoholic and heavily in debt. His wife recently filed for divorce… for the second time.

In a recent interview, Iverson said he's willing to do anything to play in the NBA:

"I want to finish my career out in the NBA, if that's possible," Iverson said. "And that's in any capacity. I did a lot of things, I made a lot of mistakes as far as my actions and things that I've said, and I think that was the reason for me not being in the NBA. My whole thing now in trying to get back is letting any organization know that I'm willing to play any part that they want me to play."

I guess there's no harm in Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers speaking with Allen Iverson. And financially, the risk would be no more than the league minimum. If he's got his head on straight, he could be a helluva offensive threat off the bench. But with the Celtics margin of error decreasing year to year, I wouldn't take a risk on this guy,

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  • happy father day all and I would stop watching Cetlics basketball if we sign him Cancer Cancer ME ME ME ME I I I I I I I. got drink just thinking about it

  • LOL! I’m sorry, but Iverson needs to stay far away from the Celtics.
    What is up with Ainge and him showing interest on OLD players. We seriously need some young legs for the C’s or it’s going to be another year of watching the Celtics run out of gas in the last 5 minutes of the playoff games.

  • Low risk/high reward assuming the alcoholism stuff is exaggerated, and I think it is. I’d like to see him get one more shot… the fact that he’s at least reached the point where he voluntarily announces he’ll come off the bench is a good sign.
    Plus, he’s way less crazy than Marbury (not that that went brilliantly, but it didn’t implode or anything). And the odds aren’t as stacked against Iverson as they were against Delonte last year.
    Kick those tires!

  • I’d stay with Delonte over AI. Hell, I’d sooner go after Reggie Miller or ‘Toine than AI. But seriously, I want to see DA go after someone that has more than a half-year left in the tank (and can defend a bit).

  • Iverson: no, no and NO.

  • Let him go to Minnesota or any lottery team liking to take a shot with him.. and let the Celtics seriously rebuild.

  • The lack of D and partial insanity say no. If he could run with West on the 2nd unit that would be freakin potent. Kick ’em, but only if they’re convinced he means what he says because Doc will no doubt bench his ass in a nanosecond.

  • uhhh yeah this isn’t gonna get it done, Celtics.