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John Wall should never throw a baseball again

Wizards PG John Wall was tabbed to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a recent Nationals game.

Two words. Epic. Failure.

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  • Pretty sad for a professional athlete. If that were rondo, it would have been a strike. The boy was a great pitcher in high school.

  • That was freaking AWFUL.

  • Don’t mean to brag, but I threw out the first pitch a few years ago, and it was a strike.
    Okay. I mean to brag.

  • reds army can we get some trade rumors or even trade ideas in the next article. Maybe how u want the celtics to approach this offseason and who’d like to see on the team via free agent or trades. Id liek to discuss what this team could be given the idea of trading rondo singing delonte as starting point guard and backing up avery bradley. I no some people are completely against trading the “savior” rondo but he could catch alot in this trade market and wed be gaining a player in the starting lineup who can hit open shots something rondo can’t do

  • holy crap that is bad, if you knew how bad your chances were you should take a few warm ups no? Either that or the best change up in history

  • Rondo’s big hands would actually help him as a pitcher instead of hurt him as a shooter.

  • A few days ago, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall threw out the first pitch before an Orioles-Nationals game at Nationals Park. It just might be the worst pitch I have ever seen (and I have pitched before, with disastrous results). To the videotape.