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Your Morning Dump… Ray is ready for a bench role

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

On the possibility of coming off the bench next season: "To me, however I can help the team, it'll figure itself out. One thing in regards to Jeff [Green] is, whatever I can do to make him better and to push him and play the best that he can. It's weird that guys have always looked at it like coming off the bench is such a bad thing. I know we went through the situation with [Allen] Iverson, he didn't want to come off the bench. But, you've always worried more about who finished games, but more importantly, when you're on a winning team, winning the game is the ultimate objective, so that's my primary concern. I want to win. I looked at our record this year. It was sad that we didn't get to 60 wins, and we should have had 60 wins, based on the games we lost, and that would have gave us home-court advantage throughout the whole playoffs, East and West."

ESPN Boston

I expected nothing less from Ray Allen. He's the ultimate team guy who "get's it."

As for whether Doc Rivers should employ Ray as a 6th man, that's impossible to say until the roster is complete.

And you have to love Ray's fire. He's jealous of the Bruins:

"As much as I was happy for them, there was a bit of anger that I had," Allen admitted Thursday while unveiling a new computer lab at the Sarah Greenwood School in Dorchester. "I would pretty much imagine that, if you didn't feel that way as an athlete, [if] one of the guys on your team didn't feel that way, [it'd be surprising] because you know that that's something we always shoot for, reaching that height. I'm extremely proud of [the Bruins] for what they've done for the city of Boston.

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  • Hope RAY DOESN’T PULL A Kanye @ the bruins Parade or ring ceremony! Lol

  • to be an elite team that’s the reality. although jeff green is not the answer or a starter on this team. he’s a good kid; but has terrible foot work, poor court awareness, and sloppy hands. trade jeff green and the picks

  • I think Paul pierce should move to the bench. i said this before the playoffs started and i still believe it. Start jeff green in his pierces spot and the team becomes much more dangerous. rodno gets to use greens speed on the fast break while green becoems a very oversized 3. Next pierce comes off the bench and anchors the 2nd unit plus will get more shots than if he was starting.