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Lawrence Frank might be getting Thibodeau’d

Remember a few years ago when Tom Thibodeau was getting a ton of interviews and no head coaching jobs?  That might be happening all over again to another Celtics assistant, Lawrence Frank.  After Frank was considered a finalist for every open job out there, someone else swooped in and got the job.  First it was Kevin McHale in Houston, Mark Jackson in Golden State, and now it seems like Dwane Casey is getting the Raptors job.

Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Dwane Casey has emerged as the clear favorite to land the Toronto Raptors' coaching job and could be installed as the team's new coach by next week, according to sources close to the situation.

Casey has been a coveted guy, so it's no shock that he'd be pounced on for an open job once the Mavs won the title.  But this doesn't leave Frank with many options.

I mean… does he REALLY want to go to Detroit? 

I'd just sit back with the Celtics one more season and try again next summer.  At least then you'll know what you're up against labor-wise.  I know the money isn't as good and he really wants to be a head coach… but if you're patient enough, maybe a situation like this past season's Bulls will present itself.

Because honestly… just about anything is better than Detroit.

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  • Erm, yeah I’d say the 0-16 start he coached last years Nets to MIGHT also be a factor in all of these rejections…
    He’s also nowhere near the calibre coach that Thibs is anyway. His best record as a head coach is .598. Hardly awe-inspiring.