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Kevin Garnett is one rich cat

KGrich – The Fortunate 50

$32 million isn't a bad haul for one year's work.

I'm surprised at KG's endorsement revenue. $14 million puts him on par with Petyon "I'll put my face on anything" Manning. He has more endorsement dough than Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and A-Rod.

Gatorade is his most prominent gig, but what else does he have? Is Anta paying him that much money?

Paul Pierce (49) is the only other Celtics player on the list. He totaled $15.6 million in earnings ($13.8 million in salary, $1.8 million in endorsements).

Editor's note: I'm not sure what prompted me to use the term 'cat' in the headline. Dudes as white as me really shouldn't use the word.

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  • KG struck me as a guy who would endorse anything, but maybe that’s just because his Gatorade ad and his Fios (does he still have them?) ad both ran constantly a few years ago. There’s also Wheaties and coconut water that I can think of…

  • That coconut water is def putting his nieces and nephews through college… what is Anta paying… we need that number badly.
    I felt KG would have lost some endorsements with him jumping ship on good establishments (gatorade, nike) for “no names” Anta and whatever coconut water is…. also with all the negative press (ie players attacking kg in the papers) about his character and antics.
    I guess the green jersey helps.