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Congratulations to the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins

Tim thomas cup
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We know you're not all Boston sports fans… and probably fewer of you are hockey fans. 

But we here behind the scenes at Red's Army are Boston through-and-through.  And we're all partying tonight because the Boston Bruins have hoisted Lord Stanley's cup.  We congratulate our Boston sports brethren on their win.  Way to go Bruins. 

Boston's throwing another parade, baby!!!! 

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  • Congrats to the Bruins!
    They did something the 2011 Celtics couldn’t do… Win it all.

  • This is fu**ing pissah!! A title for every major Boston sport in my lifetime. Think about it-some fans don’t see 1 of their hometeams win a title in their lifetime. Amazing and I’m truly grateful.

  • Boston is truly TITLE TOWN baby! The only city in sports history to win a title in all 4 major sports within a 7 year span…..the shortest span ever!!
    Who’s next? Red Sox look prime to win the World Series again this year.

  • It started with our Celtics, but now I’m a fully fledged Boston sports fan that just happens to be stuck on the wrong side of the planet (Australia). I am so ridiculously happy for you guys, for the Bruins and for the city of Boston. I had a half day at work yesterday and RACED home in time to catch the last ten minutes of the game (DVR was already set and recording). My other half and I cheered and screamed and cried the entire time. Thank you Bruins and thank you Boston – TitleTown reigns SUPREME!!!