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Your Morning Dump… Where Dallas gives Boston hope

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

To Ainge’s credit, he has articulated the problem areas – scoring, particularly off the bench, and a younger supporting cast to take the burden off Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in the regular season. He will try to address those needs this summer. That will be difficult, particularly if a new collective bargaining agreement takes away some of the salary cap exceptions that Ainge needs to sign players.

In order to get past Miami (and Chicago), Ainge will need a great offseason, the Celtics will have to be fortunate in regards to injuries and Jeff Green will have to be much better than he was after arriving from Oklahoma City. Then there is Rondo, who may have not yet reached his creative and athletic peak. He gives the Celtics a clear advantage at an important position and supplies the added bonus of being completely immune — if not downright disdainful – of Miami’s whirling sideshow.

That’s a large number of things that have to go just right, but it’s also not impossible and that’s the primary lesson the Mavericks provided. In this league all you want is a chance and in this era, trying to build a super-team from scratch may wind up being a fool’s errand. Until Miami figures it out, the NBA is a year-by-year proposition and the Celtics are the ultimate year-to-year team.

WEEI: Miami's loss leaves window open for Celtics

I think the one thing Miami's loss shows is that you can't just throw three guys together and say "go win it".  So all this talk about copycat "Big 3's", I hope, will die down.  

The reason the Celtics won it in their first year of the new Big 3 is because (a) they were all nearing the end of the road and realized they all had to sacrifice something (and they were willing to) (b) all their games complimented each other so it was easy to fit them all together and (c) they had a much better supporting cast than Miami's.  Look at what Rondo has become.  They had Perk.  And they had James Posey off the bench, who was a killer.  And back then, Eddie House could still shoot, so that was a huge help too. 

I've always thought next year would be the year to fear Miami.  With a season under their belts and a chance to remake their supporting cast, they'd be much more dangerous than they are now.  But Dallas has shown that you can build a team with proper moving parts, one superstar, and a couple of reliable side kicks and win it all.  Team basketball can trump talent if there is enough talent on that team.  

So the Celtics, with a few good moves (as Paul Flannery says) can get enough of the right pieces to fit into what they already have and get the job done.  It's possible.  But it does depend on what Danny does this offseason.  

No pressure.

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  • Certainly of window of opportunity remains by keeping the Core 4 together and adding perhaps a Josh Smith or Oden and a SG (J.R. Smith) who can create off the dribble and play the ISO game. While Danny is unpredictable it’s fairly obvious he ‘ll no longer be gambling for free agents on the back nine of their careers. More athleticism, energy, and scoring are needed off the bench. That’s a key element for brining Jeff Green to Boston. The trade was very much about the future.
    So moving forward it’s imperative not to extend incoming contracts (MLE withstanding) beyond next year. It’s quite plausible Daniels and D. West could resign for the vet minimum and Green extended to a only one year qualifier or a two year contract that can be moved or optioned in the second year. Even if you add Smith or Oden the cap roughly stands at $42-$45m with perhaps one or two cap holds going into 2012-13. Will it be enough space to go after Howard? No, but then you can’t have it both ways. If the plan is to win now you do as much as you can to bring quality talent that will improve this team’s deficiencies.

  • Explain how Josh Smith gets here without trading Green or Rondo. He doesn’t. Oden? I’d love the gamble, but not at Jermaine O’Neal money. J.R. Smith would be the most likely pick up that could happen. That doesn’t change the fact that this team needs at least 2 centers. Do they overpay Glen Davis after he took a dump in the playoffs? What other centers are out there that can even fit under the cap (since size costs money)? Dalembert? Pryzbilla?

  • Sure, and you're right to be dubious because RR can't be part of the deal and Ray Allen won't be traded.
    It would take Green and Davis (S/T) and a combination of #1 picks, perhaps the Clips protected #1 or the Quis TPE for the Hawks to nibble. History tells us Atlanta at best is a second round exit in the playoffs. So there's no better time for them to shop Smith. I don't think a package like this will be enough, but are there any PF's they could trade straight up and get equal value? David Lee and Scola come to mind, but Bynum, Aldridge, Zebo, Boozer and Bosh are out of the question.
    More likely is a major trade for Oden, and perhaps Batum for Davis (S/T)/Quis TPE/A. Bradley + Clips protected #1 + future protected #1. Portland gets a durable back up in Davis who can flourish in McMillian's slow pace half court offense. They would save roughly $3m+ in 2011-12 and could package the TPE, Fernandez, or Miller, or both in a trade for a PG. Miller's contract is not guaranteed, but even if he's picked up he won't last beyond next season. Blazers are locked into Roy, Matthews, and Aldridge with Wallace a player option in 2012-13 … cap a little below $50m … going into the off season $73m. Bradley is team option next year and with Roy's debilitating injury, and immovable contract, he could get meaningful minutes that won't be available in Boston.
    If Batum continues his trajectory the Blazers might not have the cap space to match offers. Alas, the Celtics get a long defender who can stroke threes and finish strong. Yes, Oden would be a gamble, but a 2 year deal totaling $20m with a team option in the 3rd year is worth the risk.