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Paul Pierce tries his hand at the World Series of Poker

Pierce poker 1

Ah, see Herald headline guys?  I can make puns in headlines too. 

The Truth took a shot at the WSOP this past weekend.  And he actually compares playing poker to playing ball.

“I think poker has really helped me develop patience and that helps me in everything I do in life,” Pierce told during a break from the tournament action.

“It helps me on the basketball court, to be more patient and to be more of a thinking player and to be smarter out there,” he continued.

If you say so, Paul. 

I wonder if Paul's trying to distract people with the ring.  It's quite shiny.

Pierce poker 2

And one last thing:  Wearing sunglasses and a hoodie while playing poker is cheating.  I'm sorry, the whole game of poker is about keeping a straight face and reading the little things about other people to get an edge.  That's WHY we have the term "poker face".  Guys with a good one win.  

Truth isn't the only offender.  Everyone is wearing glasses and disguises nowadays.  Why not just wear a full hockey mask?  Or play from behind a deer hunting blind?  

If you're gonna play poker.. play poker… don't play dress up. 

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  • I played Pierce in poker at Ricky Davis’ place (long story). He’s pretty good; though it’s easy to be good when you’re in a $50 tournament as a millionare.

  • Internet poker rooms are hitting the top, it’s a multi-millionaire business, and they are recruiting sport stars as testimonials all over the world.
    I think PP made no exception here.