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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays (#16 Seed vs #49 Seed)

With the NBA Finals taking a break traveling from Dallas to Miami for Game 6, the Madness tournament continues on with a couple of plays from the regular season.  Today's matchup features two of the C's big men, both of whom have been the subjects of healthy debates this season.  Glen Davis and Jermaine O'Neal have both brought out frustration and elation this season for Celtics fans, and these two plays were no exception.

Seed #16: Big Baby's Absurd Reverse Slam – As the 2010-2011 Celtics season has its curtains drawn down on South Beach, Davis told everyone how he coveted a starting role along with the money that typically is attached to it.  He's drawn the ire and smiles from Celtics fans since his rookie season and while his post-season commentary was a bit maddening, he may be a necessity next season.  During a game in Indiana against the Pacers, it seemed like a basic post-up on Paul George.  As Davis backs him down, he notices Roy Hibbert coming to double him, and like a heavy gust of wind on a hot summer's day he spins away from George and throws down a loud reverse slam.  Definitely raised some eyebrows.


Seed #49: Jermaine O'Neal Posterizes Andray Blatche – Just like Big Baby's reverse slam, JO's late season return to the lineup came seemingly out of nowhere.  Just ask yourself this: which did you expect more?  After dropping a late season Sunday afternoon game in Miami for the second seed in the east, Doc Rivers decided to bench his starters.  JO played his best game of the season against the Washington Wizards, and this posterization of Andray Blatche was symbolic of it.  Yi is fronting JO and Delonte West lobs a perfect pass over him giving JO a free path to the hoop.  Blatche tries at the last second to block him, but JO just destroys him.


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  • I like J.O.’s better only because he’s much older than Blatche and his dunk ius contested..