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GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays (#15 Seed vs #50 Seed)

Jay June 10, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on GreenLight Madness: Celtics Top 64 Plays (#15 Seed vs #50 Seed)

Last night the Dallas Mavericks took a 3-2 series lead on the Miami Heat with yet another fourth quarter comeback.  Jason Terry hit a bomb to seal it, much like Pierce did in yesterday's matchup.  There are no three-point bombs in today's matchup, but there are a couple of plays similar to what happened last night.  The images of JJ Barea slicing through the lane and flipping up a scoop lay-up, along with Tyson Chandler's aggressive and powerful slams at the hoop come to mind.

Seed #15: KG Posterizes Ronny Turiaf – Chauncey Billups drives to the hoop and tries to dish it off, but the ever-active Kevin Garnett reaches in and tips it away, initiating the fast break.  As Rajon Rondo rushes up the right side of the court, he sees KG hustling up the middle.  Rondo dumps a hand off to KG who posterizes Ronny Turiaf with the emphatic one-handed slam.


 Seed #50: Rondo's Scoop Lay-Up (G1 ECSF BOS @ MIA) – The Celtics were a bit sluggish in the opening game of the Miami series but did manage to pull off a handful of "OHHH" type of plays.  This lay-up by Rondo is certainly one of them.  Dwyane Wade tries to slash into the lane, but is cut off and attempts a cross-court mid-air pass that is picked off by Paul Pierce.  Pierce gets it to Rondo who heads straight up the middle of the floor.  He's got Delonte West running with him on his right and seems like he wants to pass to him until Delonte loses hit footing and slips to the floor.  At the last second, Rondo side-steps Wade and flips it up and in.  Typical day at the office for Rondo.


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