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Wade and LeBron mock Dirk

Chuck - Red's Army June 10, 2011 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Wade and LeBron mock Dirk

Wow. Does D-Wade remember that he once needed a wheelchair escort off the court for a separated shoulder? (Spare me the Paul Pierce comments… at least he had a leg injury).

And has LeBron forgotten about his phony elbow injury from last season?

Dirk should drop a Rashard Lewis reference as payback… According to an Internet rumor, LeBron's girlfriend slept with Rashard.

The Mavericks need one more win in Miami to end this series. Can they do it? I don't think so.

As Laker-love Mike Breen reminded us twice last night, the Celtics led LA 3-2 in last year's Finals before losing Games 6 & 7 in Los Angeles.

(video courtesy Mavs Moneyball, h/t Tas Melas & Zach Lowe)

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  • Kind of silly to make fun of a guy for being sick. He still got the best of them, though.

  • embarrassingly lbj forgot about taking his talent to dallas

  • What a shock…Breen conveniently forgets to mention how Bynum and Kobe injured Perk in game 6. And even more conveniently forgets to mention the criminal FT disparity in the 4th quarter of game 7 that handed LA their title*.
    As far as these 2 clowns go, wasn’t there a story just a few weeks ago about how Lebron woke up with a cold and it made national news?? And Wade’s “injury” last night sure looked career ending like they played it out to be. 2 douchebags climbing to a new level of douchebaggery.

  • Wish there was a like button. You are 1000% correct sir.

  • Yea i am not understanding the mocking, its not like Dirk was playing this up to anything, the media did, sounds like the Heat were jealous someone was stealing their thunder, maybe because that someone is outplaying them both combined lately..

  • This series is going just like last year so far, with Dallas winning game 2 on the road and losing game 3 at home.
    But I really really hope for the end to be different this time, just to see these two talented posers to go blame each other for the loss.
    I always hated LBJ and I always admired DW, but now I can’t stand him anymore.