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Your Morning Dump… Where Nenad may be gone too


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Three years after leaving Russia to go back to the NBA, Nenad Krstić is set move back to Europe and sign for CSKA Moscow.

The Serbia national team centre agreed to a two-year deal worth six million euros with the reigning Russian champions.  Despite being targeted by other European giants, such as Olympiacos and Barcelona, the 27-year-old opted for the Reds given the amount of money involved

Did the Celtics lose another big man? Well, this hasn't been confirmed by any major US sports outlets, but according to "", a European hoops website, Nenad Krstic is moving back overseas to play with Russian powerhouse CSKA. The site claims Kristic signed a 2-year deal worth 6-million Euros.

After seeing some chatter on Twitter last night, I searched the web and found this. Once this is confirmed by either Krstic's agent or the Celtics, we'll post more.

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  • The crazy thing about that contract is CSKA plays in an arena that holds less than 6K people and the most expensive tickets are 500 RUB (right now 27.97 RUB = 1 USD) but I’d say tickets average out to about 175-200 RUB. That is what happens when you are owned by natural gas billionaires. CSKA has even used that money to convince 2 Americans (John Holden and Becky Hammon) to become Russian citizens to play for the Russian national team.
    I don’t mind since I support all of the Army Clubs (there are several CSKA/SKA teams in various sports across Russia and fans are all pretty united) Nenad’s game is perfect for the CSKA and Russian style of play.
    Красно-Синий – Самый Сильный

  • Too bad for the Celtics, but good for him. There’s no reason for him (or anyone else, especially foreign-born players) to wait around and see if the NBA owners will deign to allow a season.

  • Yes-the Becky Hammond decision a few years ago was very controversial. Thanks for the great feedback and info Josh.

  • Yeah all that stuff is pretty shady and full of back room Russian political deals and favors and collusion. The super corrupt Mayor of Moscow (Luzhkov) who was fired by President Medvedev last year had a lot to do with it. Technically the way they became Russian citizens was completely against the law, but once they became citizens there are laws that protect their citizenship no matter if it was fraudulently obtained. Russian politicians make Nixon look like Honest Abe.

  • Celtics need a big man now that they lost him and Perkins

  • …and Shaq.

  • Hopefully Danny rebuilds a better bench that will remain in place for the whole season.

  • Considering he came in trade for Perk..

  • What sucks is losing all these big men will make BBD look more appealing. I really hope they just let him walk, or maybe a sign and trade with Golden State? Ray Allen, Jeff Green, our 1st round pick and BBD for Monta Ellis and Biedrins (or Lee?). Rebuilding time has come, retooling around the Big 3 is over.